Strawberry Moon

Early Monday morning (at 4:31 a.m. to be exact) the Full Moon will be upon us. Known as the strawberry moon because this is the season when strawberries ripen in the fields and are ready to be picked- this moon will bring us some sweet energy! The sun is in Gemini and the moon is in Sagittarius. They are opposite of each other in the sky during this time and so the energy work during the full moon window is to find balance between the two.

These two energies together are light, carefree, and communicative. Both signs are playful and love to laugh. They have fun together! They love to socialize and spend time with friends. There are a few differences though. Let’s break it down:


  • loves to talk and express their ideas
  • is fast thinking and intellectual
  • is detailed and accurate
  • play through their words and is the most witty of thinkers!
  • is social, with lots of friends, and increases energy through interactions with others
  • is curious with many interests and they notice everything
  • make great teachers

Sagittarius on the other hand:

  • expresses play in a more physical way and love the outdoors
  • is a big-picture thinker
  • thinks more generalized and can exaggerate a story
  • love to learn and see life as an adventure
  • is freedom seeking and must expand through learning or travel
  • is honest and blunt and will say exactly what’s on their mind
  • is the eternal optimist, seeker, and student

So now you know the characteristics of the two zodiac signs, imagine they are in a blender together – how do they get along and how do they differ? Together they are spontaneous, full of excessive energy with a need for expression, and they could make you feel a little crazy, but in a good way. Playful, light-hearted, and fun loving, this is a full moon energy perfect for the beginning of summer!

Adding to mix is the planet Jupiter. He is standing right next to our Sagittarian moon in the sky. This is called “conjunct” and it means that they act together as one. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and joy. Jupiter brings us presents and a good attitude. With these energies working together we have the ability to throw off any negativity that may have been lingering with solar storms, the previous moon cycle in Scorpio, or the tension caused by the current t-square in the heavens. Let the good times roll!

If you have any natal planets that are in either Gemini or Sagittarius you will feel this energy even stronger. It can go in one of two ways. Either your social calender will become so full you will barely be able to keep up with all the friends, fun, and picnics OR you will have more of a need for freedom, to talk, to say what is on your mind. So what do you want to say? Is there someone you need to have a honest conversation with? With Jupiter’s good luck and Sagittarius’s courage, you have the power to change your relationships! Be honest and share what you feel this full moon.

You CAN use the energies in the heavens to heal and stabilize your life. This combination with Jupiter at the helm assures that everything will work out. Jupiter wants to give you the gift of optimism and positive expansion in your life. Use the Gemini knack for communication and Sagittarius’s brave heart to do it! Make this a sweet full moon of honest communication. Rekindle the fun and child-like spirit that lives inside of all of us, just waiting to come out and play. Use it to your advantage! The stars have your back. Can you see them?

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  1. This is wonderful! I never knew what “conjunct”meant. That’s for explaining this. Also, does this apply if we are not a Gemini or Sagittarius? Thanks!! xoxo

    • Yes it does! The energy can be picked up no matter what your personal sign is- the full moon adds to the intensity of the energy- so just notice how you are feeling for the next day or so…

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