Imagining Resiliency

Whew…What a week!  How are you doing?  Did you get stocked up on toilet paper and bleach wipes yet? 🙂  If not, don’t worry, the stores will restock soon, and you can get more next week. Really though, what in the heavens is going on?  We are all asking this question and feeling nervous, concerned, scared even. I want to explain a few things that may help you understand the energy and what we can expect. When you know what is coming – you can prepare, right?

Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Astrologically speaking, this goes back to the rare Saturn and Pluto conjunction that occurred on January 12, 2020.  This was when Saturn and Pluto literally stood beside each other in the sky for a few weeks.  When these two planets meet, (every 30 years or so) their energy brings destruction and restriction.  This time it happened in the sign of Capricorn which signified that destruction, restriction, and even reconstruction would happen to our society, government, businesses, and large ruling bodies. The last time this energy happened in Capricorn was in the early 1500’s during the Renaissance period.  We didn’t know how it would come, but astrologers knew the energy was coming.  Have you seen enough examples of this in our world today to conclude that the energy is real?  Our society and way of life is being overhauled now, big time!

SATURNthe planet of life lessons, discipline, boundaries, rules, structures, the “gatekeeper”, the “breaks”, “hitting the wall”

Saturn symbolizes government, authority figures, bosses, large organizations, large groups, and societies.

PLUTO:  the planet of transformation, life and death, power, destruction, creation, intensity, focus, drive, passion, persistence, power, influence, (also epidemics and pandemics)

Pluto forces change, adaptation, renewal, rebirth, and makes us hardy, resilient, and willing to change.

When these two serious and hard planets align: hard times are coming.  Restriction and limitations force us to make changes to areas of our life that no longer serve us.  A letting go, if not by free will, then by force.  A stripping away of things we don’t need.  The result helps us to build new foundations that will serve us into the future. This conjunction requires patience, determination, and a “go with the flow” attitude.  

Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction

Saturn and Pluto aren’t the whole story though.  We have four big planets moving together right now in Capricorn and coming “conjunct” or standing beside each other in the sky and blending their energies.  This isn’t over…but it’s not all bad.  Saturn and Pluto were the first, being the harbingers of the destruction, aka Coronavirus (and the future trickling down of unknown transformations into our economy, stock market, jobs, schools, social gatherings, etc.).

So next we have Jupiter’s energy getting involved as Jupiter and Pluto come together.

JUPITER: the planet of expansion, exuberance, good luck, opportunities, growth, abundance, and answered blessings. It can bring positive changes, good news, second chances, alleviations, and new beginnings.

  • Think “SANTA CLAUS”.
  • It can also bring increase, overexpansion, overconfidence, and indulgence into the mix.

On March 9th Jupiter came up next to Pluto and has been standing beside Pluto, getting closer and closer every day – beginning to blend energies.  These two will be right next to each other on April 4th and will remain in the same neighborhood of the sky all year long through November.  They come to hold hands in the same degree in the sky on April 4th, June 30th, and November 12th of this year.

These two planets bring the energies of expansion and destruction together.  So could the outbreak get worse.  Yes, it can AND it probably will.  Jupiter energy will intensify and expand what Pluto is doing.  However, Jupiter also brings good luck, gifts and opportunity.  Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn and that will make us change the way we take risks and move forward. (Aren’t we already doing this…?)  We will be a little more hesitant, making more measured and informed decisions.  Capricorn energy is more controlled, being an earth sign it is conservative, hard-working, goal-oriented, and wants to play it safe- taking the steady path to success, rather than shortcuts.  Capricorn instills a more focused work ethic in all of us, with a healthy dose of realism and practicality.  Jupiter is here to help us expand, and in Capricorn it will help us to build solid foundations and structures that will support us for many years to come.  We are going to learn how to play by the new rules, i.e. “social distancing”.  And Jupiter will continue to bring opportunities and growth in all sectors of life outside of Pluto’s domain.  We will find good things coming out of this transformation.

Mars Sweeps Across Jupiter, Pluto, & Saturn

Over the next few weeks we have one more player in the energy game that will be fueling the Coronavirus panic.  Mars!  Mars is moving fast and is sweeping across Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn from March 15th (today) through the next three weeks.  This WILL intensify things, but only short term.  They’re all grouped together in the same place in the sky, so when a faster moving planet comes to town, everybody dances together.  Mars will blend with the energies of each of the three.  First Jupiter’s expansiveness, Pluto’s destructiveness, and then Saturn’s restrictiveness.

MARS: strength, energy, initiative, drive, taking action, assertiveness, hitting the “gas”, confidence, charisma, anger, fighting spirit

Mars will make the energy feel accelerated.  We will see an increase in Coronavirus outbreaks. It is already predicted by the scientists too. Mars will also make us feel aggressive, angry, outraged, and wanting to do something.  Hang in there, it will be a volatile time both internally and externally over the next few weeks.  Mars does meet with Saturn at the end of March and Saturn will help to slow things down, thank goodness!  Saturn hits the “breaks” in the car, remember? These breaks will also help to slow down and “flatten the curve” of the pandemic in the next few months.

So right now, it is a good time to be productive, but at HOME. You know you have things you’ve been meaning to do – reorganizing the pantry or garage, rearrange the furniture, cleaning, yard work, planting a garden, switching out winter and summer clothes, etc. Mars energy will make us feel like we need to do something and the more physical outlets we find – the better we will all feel.  Even starting a new fitness routine – commit to going out on a long walk every day or lifting weights. Nature will make us feel better too.  With the improving weather, get outside!  Go to the park, go fishing, go hiking.  We can still go outside. 

Jupiter has the final say…

Don’t worry though, because ultimately, Jupiter’s energy will help us to recover from whatever destruction Saturn and Pluto have wrecked on our planet.  We are going to be ok!  We will find a new way to do things.  These planets are all moving toward the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is all about humanity, eccentricity, technology, genius and invention.  Aquarius energy will help us to create what we need to keep doing the things we do. Jupiter expands and increases this Aquarian energy, helping us to find opportunities and increase.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21.  Jupiter moves into Aquarius on December 19.  Pluto finally moves into Aquarius in 2024.  And they don’t come together again in this way for many, many years.

In the next few months you will start to see more outdoor gatherings for things we normally do inside.  There will be more online/video conferencing/online learning happening so we can participate and socialize virtually while staying safe.  You will start to see events that were inside – starting to be hosted outside where we can spread out.  Look for group events that will start to popup outdoors as we learn this new way of gathering while also distancing.  Yoga at the park.  Outdoor music.  Outdoor gyms.  Outdoor markets.  

The rules are changing.  We are changing.  We must adapt and become resilient.  We may be in for a tough year (or few years if I’m being honest) but what if…with Jupiter’s positive energy…we are able to come to something more beautiful than we could ever imagine?  Aquarius energy brings the truth, friendship, social activism, humanitarianism, caring, and compassion in a new and inventive way.  It is up to all of us to become our own genius.  We will grow in a positive direction.  Jupiter says so.  And Aquarius says that it will be in a new futuristic way that we are only now starting to imagine…Can you imagine while looking through the lense of resiliency? We just might save the world with this new energy coming down the road. More about that in future posts…

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  1. I just had a chance to read this excerpt in it’s entirety. It makes sense. I have always believed things happen for reasons. I am learning how much the moon effects me & my feelings, so it makes perfect sense how the whole universe of the planets we know makes an even bigger difference in the whole scheme of things. I’m looking forward to some “inside” time. There is so much I need to do before spring arrives! Much planning, cleaning, organizing, etc. I actually feel a peace inside of me. I feel that peacefulness & actually look forward to some time to get my house cleaned & organized!

    • Hi Karla! How are you? I miss you! And how right you are…I think this will give us all time to reflect and take care of some things that we need to do! You will see me post some other things soon- but with Jupiter’s positive energy coming behind Saturn & Pluto’s destruction, everything is going to work out and be ok…all of this is bringing us into the Age of Aquarius! But more about that to come- you’ll see me posting here more frequently and doing some videos as well on YouTube, and I’m going to do some online workshops too. Learning to harness this energy and recognizing how it’s making us feel is key- and you’re on the right track for sure! Stay tuned my friend and stay safe! ❤️

      • Hi Jen! Good to hear from you & receive some confirmation on the current events & how they effect me! How was Chicago? Keep in touch! I miss you too! Karla

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