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Aries Season (March 19-April 18)

Welcome to Fire! Aries is the warrior, the independent one, self -reliant, the initiator, gets stuff done, driven, willing to take risks, a bit of a daredevil, confrontative, direct, forward, pioneering the way, great energy! Mantra is “I am.”

We are in Earth and Water signs for most of the month (it might feel like you’re stuck in mud) but the energy gets lighter by the end of the month, and feels more calm and grounded

Big Planetary Events This Month:

  1. Saturn & Mars conjunct (week of 3/30)– the “gas” hits the “wall”- the structure or foundation, something has to give, a breaking point – conflictive energy, exhaustion, frustration, may want to wait it out, energy demands we face the truth, take responsibility.
  2. Saturn shifts into Aquarius (3/21 – 6/16) This is important! The planet of rules/structures/boundaries shifts its focus on our old-school and traditional boundaries to modern and future-forward ways of doing things. Will shake things up a bit and give Saturn a lighter quality as he applies the brakes.
  3. Jupiter & Pluto conjunct (4/4). 1st of 3x they meet this year – again on June 30, Nov 12 in Sagittarius. This energy can go one of 2 ways – expansion meets destruction OR opportunities/good luck meet transformation…let’s hope for the second option.

March 27-28 Moon in Taurus – grounded, sensual, indulgent energy; 6 planets in earth, more practical, things move a little slower, steady energy.

March 29-30 Moon in Gemini – Fiery weekend, lighter energy, lots of it! Great time to communicate.

March 31- April 1 Moon in Cancer –this is when Mars & Saturn go conjunct, blocking progress, limiting, putting a hold on things. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn) may feel extra edgy as the Sun and Moon are squaring each other.

Mars is moving into Aquarius – giving a radical flavor to how we assert ourselves, will be there for next few weeks.

April 2-4 Moon in Leo – A good time for deep conversations – Venus moves into Gemini – giving a talkative flavor to how we love others. There is also a T-Square in the heavens during this time causing a little tension, that releases in Scorpio- creating a delicious, sensual energy for relationships. So don’t be afraid of intensity or having those deep dark convos with others.

April 5-6 Moon in Virgo – a dreamy day, but a great day to get things done, make lists, make a plan Moon is opposite Neptune creating a daydreamy type of energy. Good day for meditation, pay attention to your dreams!

April 7-8 – Full Moon in Libra (actually begins Monday evening at 5:16pm)

  1. These two stand opposite each other in the sky – but because they are complementary elements – Fire & Air- they create a really compatible, reciprocal energy. They make everything bigger, louder, more fun!
  2. Beautiful relationship energy – balancing the self with partnership, how can we get along, how do we be partners. Libra loves balance, beauty and harmony – this is not a tense full moon but one filled with communicating with those we love.
  3. Also a Grand Trine in Air that assists communication efforts- it makes a triangle in the sky between the moon in Libra, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aquarius – get a star finder app on your phone and go outside and see if you can see the triangle!

Things to do during a Full Moon:

  • Charge your crystals/cards to cleanse/purify them.
  • Make a wish, write it down, meditate over it- THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT to meditate!
  • What can you initiate this month? With the full moon it is now time to set into motion that which you were thinking about during the new moon. And Virgo can help you make to-do lists and check them off like crazy!!!
  • Bathe in the moonlight for self-care, either in a bathtub or just by taking a walk at night where you can appreciate her beauty.

BEWARE On April 7th – Mars Squares Uranus – can be a stressful day, accidents, confrontation, unplanned endings…

April 8-10 Moon in Scorpio – A more intense, deeper tone and thought process these two days. A T-square (t-shaped formation in the sky) causing tension, moodiness, emotional time; releases in Leo, so act like a Leo! Time to get physical, turn on the music, dance, have some kind of active fun to release tension.

April 11-12 Moon in Sagittarius – FIRE is here! Double Fire! Get up! WOO!!! Also Mercury moves to Aries on the 11th making communication a little more up front, in your face, confrontational – less emotional. During this weekend use the fire to go and have some fun!

April 13-14 Moon in Capricorn – More tension if not active; the Sun is squaring Pluto causing power struggles – Cardinal signs may feel this more – Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer – this irritant can make you productive if you’re one who anger cleans or organizes -so put the energy to work! Capricorn moon is the best work, and get shit done energy all month!

April 15-16 Moon in Aquarius – An air sign that plays well with fire, very detached energy, a time for out of the box thinking, going against the grain, and doing it your way. We won’t care about the tension anymore, a crazy free kind of time with Sun conjunct Uranus – may feel the need for freedom, standing out in some way, and you won’t care.

March 17-19 Moon in Pisces – This moon is conjunct Neptune, a soft, dreamy, whimsical weekend, pay attention to dreams, mediations, downloads, ideas coming out in a burst!

Sunday, April 19Sun Moves to Taurus at 10:45am – Energy calms WAY down, powerful, grounded energy, holding things together, sensual but like a rock. What we have been waiting for! This will slow down all the planetary energies for the next month!!!

April 20-21 Moon in Aries– This moon will give you an energy boost, maybe a little conflictive – Aries is fast, Taurus is slow, but good working energy. Go on a run, be active!

April 22 at 10:26pm – April 24 – New Moon in Taurus

The sun and moon stand together (conjunct), think Double Earth! They are holding hands. Very grounded, centered, steady, practical energy. Like a turtle, time to go inside, say a prayer, slow down…

Things to do during a New Moon:

  • Time to set your intentions for the month ahead! Great time to think about a new project!
    • Time for introspection- thinking on new beginnings and journaling.
    • Ask yourself- Are your needs being met? The moon connects us to our emotional needs.
    • Sage smudging – clear the energy, clean the house!
    • Burn a candle to strengthen your intentions- spend time visualizing, praying, meditating about what you want to accomplish…

Friday, April 24th at 7:00pm is the next ASTROLOGY CAFÉ!  Mark your calendar – we will talk about the energy in May and what the sky holds for us energy wise. Come and “see stars” with me!

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