Astrology Cafe for September 2020

The monthly recording of Astrology Cafe is up and running! Come stroll through the stars with me by clicking on my picture above or going to Seeing Stars Astrology on YouTube or by clicking HERE! Learn what September and this fall has in store for you – as well as the upcoming Mars Retrograde, the big Capricorn “clump” energy we are all feeling right now (and is responsible for Covid!), and where Thor’s Hammer may be coming down in your life… We look at the charts and see where this energy is and at the end I go over each moon cycle so that you can learn how to start to “feel” the pull of the moon in your life. When you know what’s coming then you can make the changes you need to go with flow so much easier…

Right now, and most importantly, the planets are telling us that any new projects need to get under way by September 9th this year before Mars goes retrograde. What are you trying to get going right now? Get to steppin’ cause this fall is going to be about road blocks, tempers, and a lot of push/pull in the universe. It’s not that you can’t make a fresh start after that date, it just may be a bit harder. So patience, perseverance, and self control are the by-words of the months ahead.

This is heavy stuff and you may need some help. I offer astrology guidance. I do personalized readings and can help you see how this energy is going to impact you, where it will impact you, and how to navigate and use it to your advantage! Check out my website at www.seeingstarsastrology. com for more info and to register for the latest astrology updates.

There is A LOT going on out there… what if you knew how to make the energy work to your benefit. Can you harness the stars? Yes! I will show you how! I can teach you how to read your own chart (and for other people) in this upcoming ONLINE workshop:

In this 4-Part Series, ASTROLOGY FOUNDATIONS, we will go in depth to learn the zodiac signs, the planets, the houses, and how to read the “aspects” or lines in the chart as well as “transits” so that you can learn to predict what is coming up for you. I show you an EASY system to learn from and you can do this from the comfort of your home!

Join me on Wednesday nights starting September 23rd at 7:00pm. Classes usually last two hours and so you will get 8 full hours of astrology foundational education in a simple format AND we will go over your chart too! Register by email or message me on FB or Instagram.

And coming up…

Thursday, September 24th @ 7 p.m.: ASTROLOGY CAFÉ with Jennifer on Zoom

Mark your calendar for this FREE event– we will talk about the energy in October and what the sky holds for us. Come and stroll through the stars with me!

And don’t forget to LIKE “Seeing Stars Astrology” on Facebook and Instagram to get updates and visit to sign up for monthly Full Moon blog posts and to get your FREE Full Moon Forecast.

Jennifer is also on YouTube! Check out Seeing Stars Astrology on YouTube and please SUBSCRIBE! Over the next few months she will be adding many new videos to help you learn astrology!

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