Full Moon in Pisces

What have your dreams been telling you?

Early Wednesday morning at 1:22 p.m. EST was the official fullest point of this month’s full moon in Pisces. You may have started to feel the energy build on Monday and Tuesday…were you a little more irritable or drained? Have you felt a dreaminess, lethargy, or almost lazy feeling come over you in the past few days? That’s the Pisces moon. It is urging us us to slow down, to rest, and to pay more attention to the subtle energy in our life. The Moon has a powerful pull on everyone when it is full and this one in Pisces is especially powerful. Pisces is the sign of compassion, fluidity, magic, hidden knowing, and intuitiveness. Your dreams and thoughts may be telling you something. What keeps showing up again and again?

This can be an emotionally healing time. With the moon in Pisces, a water sign, and the sun in Virgo, an earth sign, they are very compatible and love being together. They have a therapeutic and soft energy that can wash over you like a warm bath. Allow their energy to do so; to heal you. Maybe a memory or thought has resurfaced that needs healed. Maybe you are being asked to forgive or release something that no longer serves you or isn’t for your highest good moving forward? Full Moons ask us to let go of the past, so maybe it’s time to leave something behind in your life.

This full moon rests in the 4th House, shifting our focus onto home and family. You may be focused on making your home more comfortable – remodeling, rearranging, painting, dusting, cleaning etc. Also remember that this is good time for saging your home space to clear out any negative energy. Use the healing energy of this full moon to make your “home” more comfortable, more inviting, and more energetically pleasing to you.

Synchronicity is also working overtime so be sure to watch for the signs that come up over and over again in your life. These signs point to your journey and where the universe is leading you. The Pisces moon will blur the boundaries to bring you the magic you need to find your way. You just have to give in to the subtle energy. Take it slow. Rest. And let the Full Moon energy cleanse out the old and bring in the new for you.

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