Taste of Astrology for June


Just like the Astrology Café in the past – here’s a quick little taste of the upcoming energy.

Hey Star-Seekers,

How have you been feeling? How has the energy been treating you? Things probably felt like they were speeding up and moving faster as we got into the month of May (that’s because Mars moved into the fire sign, Aries). I know you felt it! For me I’ve been as busy as a bee! Like I just can’t stop, even when I try. We still have that pumped up feistiness in the sky for the next few months (responsible for all the guns and aggressiveness too) -but the month of June – believe it or not- has things settling down in other parts of our lives for a bit. The calm before the storm, if you will. Don’t worry, the storm isn’t coming back until the fall – around election time. We can take a little breather.  The OLD ways of thinking vs. the NEW way comes to a head again…But we get a little respite this month as we head into the Summer Solstice (June 21) and Cancer season (a water sign who likes to chill and cuddle).

There’s not a lot of outer-to-outer planet activity this month and that means we get a break! The energy isn’t perfect, and I’m not saying it will be all sunshine and roses, but what I am saying is – enjoy the peace while it’s here. Dive into summer, make a strawberry pie, chase lightning bugs, go for a swim, vacations, camping, and do whatever lights you up 

As of June 3, we are out of Mercury retrograde (and out of the post shadow now), so things start working again. Finally! Mercury (which symbolizes our thoughts, communications, processing) will be at work all month – helping you to plan, dream and do. Mercury is bringing things out into the open this month, clearing up communications, revealing secrets, and letting us know what’s really going on. For instance, after the 10th we can expect to hear real information about the Jan. 6th hearings and the Roe v Wade documents. You will notice thoughts flying, clever ideas coming in, and lots of chatter this month.

From now and through the middle of the month – expect to get a little adrenaline boost too. Spontaneity is the name of the game, and you may find yourself attracted to a new idea, person, or way of doing things. Or even a new hobby. Something you’ve never even considered before. There could be a windfall or unplanned excess in love or money at this time – so just get ready to ride it like the wind. Venus is holding hands with Uranus (the planet of lightning bolts and surprises). It’s a hang on to your hat kind of energy and it could be in a very good way…my fingers are crossed.

We do also have Saturn (the big guy, who I call the “old man”) turning retrograde this month – making us check our facts, reworking our structures, and rethinking what we’re building. So, if you’re having some snafus getting things off the ground – it’s just the “old man” checking in to make sure you are doing your diligence. You can still do it! Just be patient and keep chugging along. It’s a time to dig in and do the work. I believe in you and know you can make it happen!

Pretty in Pink – Strawberry Moon

And then on Tuesday, June 14th at 7:52am is the beautiful Full Moon for this month. The Native Americans called it the Strawberry Moon and I think we’ve all had a few by now and know it’s harvest time for strawberries and that’s how our moon got its name. It won’t really be pink, it’s just kinda nice to think of that way. She is a pretty moon though! Soft, sweet and juicy!

She occurs in the Sagittarius part of the sky this month. So, this is some BIG energy coming our way! Expect to feel this moon! Sag energy is gregarious, larger than life, funny as hell, and is the big dreamer who believes in the magic of a shooting star. This moon does come with a tension point though related to our fantasies vs. what’s reality. That means that you may feel a little foggy, dreamy and out of it during the full moon this month. Lean into your routines and structures (sleep, drink water, work out, etc.) if you start feeling that way and you’ll do fine. Remember to keep your fantasy world on the inside, in check, and under control. We must deal with what is before us each day- remember: chop wood, carry water… Having said that – you might get some FANTASTIC downloads, dreams, and epiphanies – so be sure to write those babies down! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who is the Santa Claus of the zodiac – so you just might have some gifts in all those dreams. I can’t wait to hear from the intuitives in this group and hear what they learned during this full moon. Pay attention, that could be you.

On the 18th (post full moon) things may feel a little weepy, bittersweet, or reminiscent. We have Venus and Saturn standing with Mama Moon and that can cause a feeling of loss, delayed gratification, or like things are not working out. When the moon is involved, just know it will pass. The moon symbolizes our emotions. Don’t wear yours on your sleeve during this time. Detach a bit and try to go with the flow. It will be better by the Solstice.

And Summer Solstice Arrives…

Just like the queen she is, the new season arrives on Tuesday, June 21 at 5:13am! It’s officially S-U-M-M-E-R  y’all! Mark her arrival by doing a 108x sun salutation yoga sequence or lighting a candle and doing a little gratitude meditation/prayer in honor of the longest day of the year. You’ll have plenty of time to play with 13 hours of sunlight to keep you awake 

Summer Solstice is the beginning of the new season and with the Sun moving into Cancer the same day, you’ll feel the nurturing, initiating energy take hold. Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, who has her shell on her back to protect her soft heart. She is the house mother and loves to work on improving her domain. During this time, we to may want to create some safe, cozy spaces for ourselves or our loved ones. We may feel pulled toward our family or those we care about. We may be more compassionate, loving or conversely more clingy, needy or controlling (to keep everyone safe- it’s a protective mechanism). We may just want to beautify our surroundings – making our backyard a haven, or put new flowers in the garden, or string some cute lights on the deck. Tap into your inner Cancer energy this year and know that when these urges hit -with you or someone you know- that the “nesting” feeling is normal, and you can really make progress in that area when the energy supports you this way.

Also, when we cast a chart for the beginning of a new astrological month (Cancer season) it can give us a flavor of the energy for that whole month. One flavor besides our Cancer sun- is the moon placement. It’s in Leo on the 21st (representing our emotions) and so you can expect a little Leo energy to be around all month. It shows itself with a flair for the dramatics from June 21st until July 22nd. You’ll want to be the center of someone’s attention.  Emotionally you may feel very protective and loyal of your circle and people, and you may get your feelings hurt or offended easily. Especially if loved ones don’t notice and appreciate how much you care. But you may also feel the need to have fun, go out, and have a good time! Leo is the superstar of fun! They LOVE being in the limelight, getting dressed up, and painting the town. There’s lots of concerts, outdoor restaurants, baseball, and fun things to do- so let yourself go and have some fun! It’s summertime!

GSD Energy

On the 27th we have a powerful but good aspect. Mars is shaking hands with Saturn. This is your inner gas pedal and brake pedal working together. Like when you drive a stick shift up a hill and have to hold both at the same time to keep it from rolling back. So now translate this into your own world. You will be able to do the hard work and keep moving forward at the same time! You will have the ability to organize, be more productive, and more efficient at this time (more than any other time this whole month) – so use this energy to tackle any projects you’ve been avoiding, or cleaning or bookkeeping that you haven’t wanted to do. Go Marie Condo on it! I would say from the 25th– 30th you will be able to machine through anything that you need to get done.

And then we’re back to the New Moon on June 28th.  A new moon happens when the sun and the moon are in the same place in the sky. This one has both holding hands in the sign of Cancer. It is a time to go inward, to set intentions and to make a plan. I’ll send something out on this new moon, which is a special one – on how you can make the most of it and manifest something wonderful in your world.

And in the meanwhile – if you’re looking for me – I’m teaching yoga at a new center in West Chester called The Muscle Center. It’s a boutique-style medical massage studio located next to a very popular cross fit gym there. They also do facials, esthetic work and have a full yoga schedule. A hidden gem! There are some wonderful teachers there and the owner, Marcia is absolutely fabulous! If you’re looking for somewhere to start getting massages again, need some help with pain management, skin care or somewhere to call your yoga “home” this little spot might just be the place. Find us on social media or reach out to me for the details.

And until next month – I hope you seek out the light, can feel the light, or just be the light. There are so many of you that are such wonderful lights in the world. If we all got together, we might set this world on fire! Wouldn’t that be something? The Age of Aquarius is closer than we realize friends.

Go out and look at the stars this month, they are om-mazing. Wishing you all the best and a magical month!


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