Crazy Full Moon – December 2022

Feeling a little crazy? Yesterday was a buster. My phone was off the hook yesterday! How about yours?

The point is – it’s a full moon today- tonight at 11:09pm EST to be exact – but you gonna be feeling this ALL DAY LONG!

Watch out for crazy emotional swings! This one comes packed with a punch. It is angry moon. People will want to fight. Argue. Instigate. Irritate. Side-step all that jazz if you can.

Now what can you do?

Here’s how you can use the energy. It can go two ways. On the high side it will bring things into focus for you, you will see clearly from what was once vague, and you will make a plan to move forward. Getting organized, taking notes, completing forms, and all communications become front and center.

On the low side the full moon can bring anger, frustration, challenges, and literal combat. It’s because Mars is standing beside the full moon bringing an action-oriented, fighter energy to the table. The bottom line is you get to choose. You can be angry or you can use the energy to be productive. Whatever decisions you are starting to make though, wait a few days to act on them. Let the Mars influence subside. When any shenanigans get started just know its this Full Moon irritating things and give yourself (and others) some grace. There’s a reason why they say everyone is crazy on a full moon! You will see it with this one…

Here’s your day-to-day this whole full moon week:

Monday~ Break from routines; anxious or nervous; be cautious.

Tuesday~ Good work day; enthusiasm; practical plans.

Wednesday~ Confusion; things come to a head; find your focus.

Thursday~ Calmer day; surrender or let go; no decision making yet.

Friday~ Red flags, power kegs, stick to your guns; difficult convos.

Saturday~ Protective walls; avoidance tactics; seek solace in your shell.

Sunday~ Trust issues; forgiveness; pm shift in focus to lighter mood.

During this full moon, any anytime you’re feeling stressed, it’s a good idea to lean into the energy of your personal moon. Yes, your moon has a sign too (it was in a particular sign when you were born). This is different from your Sun Sign. And the full moon will affect you differently too.

So for the fire moons (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) – you will have to work hard to stay focused. Confrontation doesn’t scare you and you could get into a scrape or two with this energy. Work hard at self control and take yourself for a walk or run if you can’t handle it. The physical release will help settle you down.

For the air moons (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini)- your mind is on overdrive, more so than usual. Ideas are flying and so make sure you write them down if they’re good and lean into phoning a friend or getting social to help release your full moon tension.

Water moons (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)- this one is gonna be rough. You don’t like this energy at all! Seek retreat with your closest circle who can handle your mood swings this week and go it alone if you’re struggling to be heard. Always remember that you find solace in water – so if you can’t take a shower, just go wash your hands for 5 minutes. It will clear your mind and your energy.

Earth moons (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) – you like to be in control and this moon is not going to be supportive of that. You are likely to feel grumpy and out of sorts. Your remedy will be to get out in nature- literally put your bare feet on the earth (even though its cold) for 5 minutes. Go for a hike, rake leaves, prune the things that have died with the frost. Or you can clean out the closets and donate to charity. You can write that off as a tax deduction – and that will make you feel a bit better. Hang in there, this too shall pass. By the weekend you will be back to normal.


Want to know what area of life this moon is going to shine on? You can use either your sun or rising sign (ascendant). I like to use the rising sign because it’s more accurate. But if you don’t know it, use the sun sign. It still gives good clues.

Aries – communication, close environments, relationships with siblings/neighbors/friends.

Taurus- money, security, self-worth, spirituality, connection to nature

Gemini- this moon has it’s spotlight on you. It’s lighting up your physical body – meaning your health, appearance, ego. Take care to stay well in the coming week.

Cancer- this is a psychic full moon for you. It’s working on things that are behind the scenes, hidden desires, your secrets, intuition, addictions.

Leo- technology, friends, your groups and social networks, your dreams

Virgo- career, reputation, ambition, authority

Libra- you will learn a lesson with this moon, take a new class, or seek a new pursuit

Scorpio- key word for you is transformation, something is changing and evolving in your world. Could be falling apart or putting it back together.

Sagittarius- relationships, partner, agreements, contracts, negotiation

Capricorn- work, health, routines, details, planning

Aquarius- entertainment, children, love, romance, creative pursuits

Pisces- family, home, parents, subconcious, origins

The energy will subside by Friday. And that is when you can start to act on any decisions you have made. Over the weekend we will have a lovely regenerative Cancer moon to soothe, restore and wash away whatever harshness the moon brought. So if this week leaves you feeling drained, just know that energetic help is on the way.

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