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What does it mean to live a magical life?

Do You Want a Magical Life?

Will You Make Magic in 2023?

One idea that struck me during this past full moon was how much my life has been enhanced by bringing in a new spiritual side to my day-to-day. Using astrology and the moon’s phases, embodying my astrology through yoga & meditation, and all the astrological woo I’ve been studying… These passions/routines/practices are what have led me to this place. They are are part of my lifestyle and truly bring me a feeling of magic everyday. And I want to share it with you.


Do you believe that the moon has an effect on us here on earth? I do! Ask anyone that works at a school, a hospital or nursing home and they will say heck yeah! That full moon has some magical effect on us. Even if we don’t know what it is. And so if just the full moon can do that, what about the other moon phases? Or the other planets?

I believe that the moon and the planets and stars create an energetic field that is around us all the time. Some of us feel it stronger than others dependent upon our own unique imprint (birth chart).

And I believe that we have have free will and can make the most of the moving energy if we learn to use it. We can harness it and use it to improve our lives.

What if you can shift the energy?

Are you the kind of person who –

wants to have control of your life? likes to see what is coming next? will carry an umbrella when it’s raining? wants to master your mood and temperament? wants to shift your life?

Welcome avid adventurers, explorers, the curious, the experienced, the students, and the skeptics! Get out your magic wand! On the day you were born the planets were aligned in a unique pattern in the sky. This pattern can be shown in your personal natal chart, or “star chart” of the day you were born. Learning how to read YOUR chart can tell you what the universe has to say about you:

  • your deep inner personality
  • your karma
  • your life’s purpose
  • what your assigned “work” is in this life
  • where you’re here to shine
  • what you’re here to learn about
  • your best career placements
  • your most important life cycles
  • how you relate to others/get along
  • your emotions and how to handle them with care
  • what kind of learner you are
  • where you stand out
  • where you struggle and need extra support
  • what the future holds for you

Who is Steering Your Ship?

When you know this information, you will have a better understanding of the real YOU, how you relate to others and how to navigate your life better. You will get practical guidance on self-acceptance and how to navigate the waters of life in the best boat you can!

Are you struggling with something? Are you at a crossroads or turning point? Does it feel like things are falling apart? I am here by your side. I will hold space for you and help you to see some options based on your personal stars.

We can use your astrology to look into the future and see what energy is coming your way in the coming months/years ahead! Unbelievable right? But it’s so true! Let’s help you prepare, strategize, and plan for whats ahead.

I love what I do and I am passionate about helping people learn how to read their birth charts! What if you could change your destiny? You can! I would love to help you find your way through the stars! Take a look through this website and see if I can help you with a reading, a workshop, an event, or just follow me on social media and we will get to the magic!

I can also help with self-study, relationship compatibility, career path strategy, future forecasting and knowing if it is a good time in your life for new starts and fresh beginnings. I can tell you about the cycles you will encounter and what the year ahead looks like for you. Together we can chart a course to navigate your personal energy! Wouldn’t you like to harness the power of the stars? You can…and I will show you how!

Let’s make some magic…

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

Theodore Roosevelt

Jen Barrish, MA, Astrologer, 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher

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