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Manifest Your Vision Retreat

Yoga, Meditation and Astrology

Are you ready to make 2023 the year that changes everything?

Join us on a 21 day journey to manifest your dream year!

21 Day Program including a 4 Day Luxury Retreat

01/01/23 to 01/22/23

Activate Abundance in all areas of your life using Yoga, Meditation, and Astrology!

Learn how to set clear intentions and develop daily rituals to set yourself up for success!

Eliminate energy blocks and limiting beliefs to accelerate your potential!

Dive Deep into your astrological chart and meet the real you!

Learn to align your life with your Soul’s purpose!


+ Learn how to set clear intentions and develop daily rituals to create major shifts!

+ Discover the path to you – the real you!

+ Release energy blocks and limiting beliefs!

+ Receive clear guidance and support through like minded people!

+ Learn Manifestation techniques to create the life you desire!

+ Develop Connections and discover the power of manifestation in a group setting!

This Journey begins on January 1st. When you register, each week before the retreat you will receive a specific yoga and meditation practice for the week, to be completed daily. This will help you develop a personal ritual to enhance your manifestation abilities and to discover your inner power. It will help you to get into the habits that will lead you into your best version of you.

You will also schedule an all inclusive NATAL CHART READING with me in the weeks before the retreat. You will need time to understand your gifts, your challenges, your life purpose and the power you have to create the very best year ahead! And I’m here to help! And it’s all included!

And then you will meet together with Kristen, Aletha, and me at the luxury retreat in TENNESSEE to spend 4 days of yoga, meditation, self care, intention setting, manifestation workshops, sacred ceremony, learning to incorporate what you’ve learned from your astrological reading, and some major relaxation. Take a little winter break built just for you and make 2023 the start of something magical.

For more info and to register:

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