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Is your life magical?

About Your Astrologer

I believe in astrology. And I believe in you. I believe our energy is always shifting and changing. And I believe that if we learn to use it – we can make positive and joyful changes in our lives.

If you’re the kind of person who…

Then astrology is for you! And I am for you! I am passionate about this ancient tool we can use to see our psychology, our gifts, our restrictions, how we communicate, love, grow, think, and so much more!

The Menu

Create a life you love. A life of magic, beauty, and wonder! You can do it! And I will show you how.

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Get to know your energetic imprint, your purpose, your “hum”. It’s all in your chart!

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Are you at a crossroads or feeling less than vibrant. Get clear on where you’re going and how the energy can support you!