Did you feel the shift in energy?

The winds of change…

Was it just me or did you feel the shift in energy when we moved from grounded Taurus into Gemini last week. The air sign came in like “whoosh”! on the 21st and I for one have been mentally busy, making to-do lists, networking, socializing, talking non-stop – and basically everything a Gemini is known to do! Old friends have been calling to talk, just out of the blue – and everyone is making social plans all of a sudden. What about you? How are you feeling?

This sign is know as the speedy intellectual, the communicator, and a curious observer. Geminis love to learn and make excellent teachers. Gemini has added air to the heavens for the next month and it can certainly give one the feeling of lightness! Gemini also has a playful “child-like” energy to it – so with the beginning of pool season near, let’s use it our advantage. Here’s a few ideas to put this energy to work for you…

  • Get started! Do you have something you’ve been putting off? Spring cleaning, a new exercise routine, yard work? Phone a friend (Geminis love good company) and ask them to come and help! You get a two-for-one with getting your work done and you can gab until your heart’s content.
  • Plan it. Use that mental energy to do some serious planning. Think summer road trips, family picnics, camping at the lake, etc. Summer is here (almost) and it’s time to make a plan! How do you want to spend your summer? Don’t let life pass you by because you didn’t schedule time off at work. Make that to-do list!
  • Have fun! You can’t forget to add fun to your daily routine. Gemini energy brings a month of playfulness to us. Use this to add a hint of fun into all that you do. How do you like to play? Can you “whistle” while you work? Tap back in to the hobbies you love and find joy doing them!

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