Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

It’s a two-for-one this month. We have a Full Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 16th-17th. Overlapping is a Lunar Eclipse on the evening of Tuesday, July 16th. An eclipse creates about 3x the force of energy than a full moon. So, if you feel a little off-key or emotional during a full moon – this month is going to be super-charged! You will feel it!

First, let’s talk about the moon:

Our full moon is in Capricorn and is known as the Thunder Moon or the Full Buck Moon. These names come from different Native American tribes and denote events that happen during the July season. We have summer thunderstorms in July, and this is when male deer or “buck” antler’s come out and are considered full grown.

A full moon means that the sun and moon stand opposite of each other in sky. The sun is in Cancer and the moon is in Capricorn – and both impact the energy. Cancer signifies the mother, the home, family, nurturing, feelings of safety and emotional security, childhood, and memories. Capricorn energy signifies the father, is assertive, practical, ambitious, work-driven, successful, and concerned with making money. The polarity or “opposition” between the two creates a highly emotional time but being that both signs are Cardinal – they give off an intense, really productive, manifesting type of energy. So either you feel energized and able to get stuff done or you draw inward emotionally and reflect on the past – what have you left behind, or what didn’t you deal with? Old emotional wounds or scars can come up from the past. Be an observer and see which way the moon impacts you this time around.

There is hope though! We also have Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn (standing conjunct, or next to the moon) an earth sign, which adds to the grounding, practical, work-minded energy. Get up, go work out, clean your house, do your chores and check off your to-do list. And then you can celebrate! Mercury and Mars are in Leo right now and their energy is full of drama, excitement, the one who likes to dress up, go out, have a party, etc. So, this full moon energy is telling us to do our “adulting”- get our work done, deal with our emotional stuff and then we can let it go and celebrate!

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – Let it Go!

On Tuesday the partial Lunar Eclipse happens around 5:30pm EST. Leading up to this eclipse is a feeling of pressure, a building up, and a sense of something coming. With 3x the force of a full moon, we will feel it in some fashion, if not immediately, within the days following the eclipse. It is the last of an eclipse cycle, meaning that the things it brings us will be the culmination of changes that have been happening for the past 6 months.

Eclipses in Capricorn are intense and can bring long term or lasting effects. They are categorized by power shifts in rule-making bodies and hierarchy and affect business of all kinds. They can create power surges and power outages (like the one in NYC this past weekend) and extreme weather conditions (earth sign)- think droughts and floods (like in the Gulf shores right now). All types of order and structure are influenced. Lunar eclipses, in particular effect the emotions, home, family, parenting, childhood, security, and feelings. Lunar eclipses always bring something to a head.

This eclipse, being emotional in nature, is asking us to do a personal inventory, looking inward, and thinking back to old wounds and hurts we may have suppressed or buried. The reason is so we can let it go with the “rebirth” of the moon (as the Earth passes between the moon and the sun). During this passage the light is blocked, creating a “blip” or outage of lunar energy, so that when it resurfaces there is a power surge of new energy helping us to leap over our emotional wounds and finally let go of the past. Releasing blocks, emotional cleansing, and letting go of fears and insecurities are major themes during this eclipse.

Some things you can do to relieve the emotional impact of the Lunar Eclipse:

  1. Think big picture – reflect on the future and the hopes and dreams you’d like to manifest.
  2. Let go of who you were in the past – old childhood wounds and suppressed memories is not who you are today! Each day is a brand-new opportunity to become someone new.
  3. This is a super-charged clearing energy that is built to help release the past. What do you need to clear?
  4. Revelations, flashes of insight, and “ah-ha” moments will come with this energy – use it to plan your next step.
  5. Be patient with yourself and others. Listen to your higher self, your intuition.

Lunar eclipses are known to bring quick results, for some as soon as 7-14 days. For most, within 90 days. You may not realize it is happening until after the fact. Some shift in the way you are thinking or feeling about the past will change. You will be able to “Let it go” and clear the energy and let the emotions of the past that haunt you finally lay to rest.

Reminder: During a full moon is also a good time to cleanse your crystals, tarot cards, and oracle cards. Leave them by a window that is exposed to moonlight. You can lay them out at night before going to bed and they will charge with lunar energy and be fresh for usage. 😊

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