Aquarian Full Moon: Consider the Collective

Did you see the moon coming out last night? This month we have a full moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 15th (officially full at 8:31 a.m.). It is known as the “Full Sturgeon Moon” among the Northeast and Great Lake American Indian tribes, who followed the moon cycles and worked by moonlight to harvest their crops, such as the sturgeon fish during this season. 

The Sun is in Leo, which is a fire sign (think energy, passion, excitement) and the Moon is in Aquarius, an air sign (think intellectual, talkative, open-minded). When fire and air combine, there is great energy — like a growing campfire in the wind. Fire and air energy nicely complement each other. 

During a full moon the physical location of the moon is exactly opposite in the sky across from the sun. So if you are standing and looking at the moon, the sun would be directly behind you. This configuration is called an “opposition” in astrological terminology. It just means they are opposite in the natal chart (or the sky) across from each other. And these two signs, even though complementary, are opposite of each other in personal characteristics. 

See the red line going across the middle of the natal chart between the moon on the right and the sun on the left? This is the line showing opposition. And this is where the planets are in the sky right now too.

Aquarius is the rebel, needs freedom, and stands out from the crowd. The Aquarian would say “Don’t tell me what to do!” when any bossiness comes their way. They have eccentric ideas, can be a little weird, and they have lots of thoughts and ideas that are different from the status quo. The Aquarian can be a little detached emotionally, and observes others first, rather than letting their own feelings be known. This is because they care deeply, and don’t want to be hurt — but their caring is at a humanitarian level, and they are thinking about how to best serve the collective, the group, the whole family, rather than just their closest relationships.

The Leo on the other hand wants to be liked by everyone. They want your approval. They want you to care about them. They follow the rules and expect everyone else to do the same. Leo naturally sets the tone and has no problem in giving directives or being the first one to take a chance. They are natural leaders, being able to see the bigger picture, and this tendency can make them overbearing. Leos do wear their heart on their sleeve and when they love someone, they are loyal, protective, and nurturing. Leo can be the show-off and they want everyone to notice this loyalty, leadership, and trustworthiness they provide to their people.

Both Leo and Aquarius are “fixed” signs, meaning that they are known to be stable, dependable, and consistent. They see the bigger picture and are thinking about how to hold stability and routine together in their personal lives and for those around them. They know that steadiness is key to getting the job done. Fixed signs can be stubborn though, and when they have made up their mind, they will dig in and be unmovable. The “fixed” signs are also strong, confident, and self-reliant. Their persistence make them the most to likely achieve their goals, even with a small side of obstinance 🙂

So together this combination is really something…a powerhouse duo! They look at the world differently, but both see the bigger picture and what needs to be done. In this full moon they are calling us to question our value systems and established ways of thinking. What needs to change? What needs to stay the same? What are our goals for the future? How do we get there? With Leo and Aquarius at the helm we are able to see where we’ve been and to think about where we are going. The water-bearer Aquarius is fanning the flames of Leo the lion and together they burn bright with new ideas and the ability to make change! 

This full moon is a thoughtful moon. It’s time to go a little internal, to really reflect on your life, your happiness, your future. What do you want? Externally it’s a time to tap into the observer (noticing without judgment or feelings) to see what is really happening out in our world. What can we do to make a difference? How can we help the greater good, the collective? Aquarius gives off a radical flavor too- telling you to be your own leader- to beat to your own drum. Use the creative energy of these two to think outside the box for solutions.

The effervescent energy of Leo, along with 3 other planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars) also being in Leo, helps to amplify the energy. It’s a time to “turn up the volume” and go big! Leo is all about drama — and with the complicated internal emotions of Aquarius questioning everything – Leo is exuberantly saying “Let’s do something about it!” This energy can really be used to manifest some positive change for your own personal “collective”. Maybe it’s for your family, your work group, your neighborhood group, your mom group, your yoga group — this energy is saying let’s make the world a better place to be. And let’s do it big! 

The question to ask yourself:

What can you do BIG for your “collective” this full moon season?…

Some other things to consider during a full moon:

  • It’s a good time to charge up your crystals and cards for a purifying effect. Set them out in the window seal where moonlight will shine down on them while you sleep.
  • Make a wish! Write it down, meditate over it. The full moon is the BEST night to meditate for manifestation!
  • Recharge yourself — taking a bath in moonlight can have a purifying effect for your energy too. What a great way to embrace the moon energy by adding a warm bath to your nighttime routine this Thursday night. 
  • Tie up loose ends. Finish what you started. Let it go. Any habit, routine, relationship, problem, etc., that is not serving you in a healthy way can be let go more easily during a full moon. Let that stuff go!
  • It’s also a good time to start a new routine- exercise, eating habits, self-care all thrive when started during a full moon!

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