Star School is Now OPEN!

STAR SCHOOL is a realization of the dream I have to help everyone learn astrology! It seems complicated at first glance, but we are going to break it down, and by the end of this 4-week series, I promise you will understand how to read a natal chart! This information can help you to change your karma (a big deal!) and to interact better with your loved ones, to parent better (understanding your children’s natal charts is amazing!), at work, with friends, everywhere…!

Discover yourself through the stars! Your stars…

Just as our moon impacts the oceans and tides, all the planets in our sky have an effect on the energy surrounding us. When you were born the sun, moon, and planets were in a specific place in the sky. Together their placements created a sort of “map”, or natal chart, that is specific just to you! I am a professionally trained astrologer and I want to help you learn to understand this sky map.

In this class we will cast your natal chart and you will learn how to read it! It involves learning your personal planets and houses, as well as understanding the zodiac signs and the elements. An in-depth study of YOU! What were you meant to do in this life? Star School has answers for you!


Week 1- The Elements & 12 Signs of the Zodiac
Week 2- The Wisdom of the Planets: Your 10 Personal Planets
Week 3- The Houses of the Horoscope
Week 4- Aspects & Putting It All Together (Casting and analysis of your chart in class!)

Astrology can be used to interpret how we sense or “see” the world. It can predict cycles, how we process information, and very specific personality traits that we may or may not know about ourselves. It can help us prepare for the tides of life so that we can navigate our own waters better. Learn how to navigate your waters through the stars!

**In order to cast a personal natal chart, you must know your birth time, along with your birthdate, and birth city. There are services available that can help with this if you don’t know your birth time. Please contact Jennifer at: if you need help with birth time retrieval.

***If you don’t live in the Cincinnati area, but are interested in Star School, no worries, I can teach you remotely. I can do videoconferencing using Zoom. Email me for more details about joining this class or how we can customize a workshop so that you can learn astrology too!

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