Do you see 20/20?

An Astrology Cafe energy guide for January. Can you feel it?

Happy New Year Astrology Friends!

We didn’t have Astrology Café at Elemental Om in December, so I wanted to send out some news for January. For those of you that have never been to Astrology Café- this is an awesome time to hear (in person!) and get to talk and ask questions about the planetary movements, see where they are in the sky, and learn about the energy we’ll have available to us for the next month. Our next Café is on Friday, January 31st, at 7:00pm at Elemental Om in Mason. 

The sun has been in Capricorn since December 21 (which was also the winter solstice). Capricorn is in the element of earth; it is a grounded sign. These people (and the energy) are practical, responsible, realistic, and solid. Capricorn is also the most ambitious of the signs – think CEOs, business leaders, managers, and bosses. Capricorns are the initiators, have high standards and have the capacity to really get things done. And this month you do too! Did you see how you pulled everything together at the last minute to make Christmas extra special this year? You can thank this grounded energy. We currently have 6 of the 10 planets in earth! So far, I not only tackled Christmas, but also the putting away of all the decorations, cleaning, filing, checking off my to-do lists, making plans for next year, making appointments, etc. Just like a boss! What about you? How has this energy been manifesting in your life? Do you feel more grounded, more focused than usual?

We will have this earth energy all month until January 20 to help us make things happen! 

I do like to follow the cycles of the moon too– as the moon signifies your emotional body and these are transits you can really feel! Looking at how the sun sign and the moon sign movements interact with each other; you can get a really good indicator of the energy available to us. And when you know what you’ve got to work with in the heavens, then you are golden! You will know when it’s a good day to move forward, or to hang back, to indulge or to create boundaries, etc.

Here are some important dates to remember for January. My recommendation is that you print this and put it on your refrigerator and then look back and think how things manifested for you in your own life over the month. When you see how the movement of the planets play out for you specifically, then you won’t question whether or not astrology is “real”. Of course it is! If the pull of the moon can affect change on our powerful ocean tides, then it can certainly affect us! Some signs feel things more strongly than others, that is true. Some transits affect some signs and then others not so much. You just have to pay attention…

So here we go, through the month of January:

Dec 31-Jan 1 Moon in Pisces

Use the Capricorn earth energy to “root” into your intentions for 2020. Pisces is a softer, quieter energy that compliments Capricorn and can really allow you to dream, reflect, and see where you want to go in the new year. It’s also a water sign and when you put a water and earth sign together, they can grow things! Use these couple of days to think about the future.

Jan 2-3 Moon in Aries

Both the Cap sun and the Aries moon are cardinal energies, looking to initiate and kick off projects. This energy can go one of two ways. These two are squaring in the heavens and so they can be conflictive energies – like a struggle between taking action quickly and impulsively or to hold off to wait for the right time to make a calculated move. Regardless of which energy gets to be the boss (and they both like to be!), this is a good time to get started! Don’t just talk about your plans, use the energy to do something about it!

Jan 5-6 Moon in Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign like Capricorn, making a total of 7 planets in earth signs! We only see cycles like this, with this many signs in earth about every 30 years! It may keep you grounded and practical, or it may be a little heavy – think being stuck in the mud. One thing is for sure though, you can focus this energy to be more deliberate, a little more patient and to make sure you follow through on those few to-do items that you have been putting off. Taurus energy is also sensual- enjoying things with all the senses- so have some good food, put the comfy sheets on the bed, light a candle, and snuggle up in front of the fireplace during this time.

Jan 7-8 Moon in Gemini

Gemini, an air sign, is bringing some lighter, more childlike, playful energy into the mix. This is good time to write, journal, and communicate. The sun is also sextile Neptune (a good placement) bringing creativity and intuition. You may be a little more sensitive during this time. Fantasies, idealistic thoughts, and vivid dreams are common.

Jan 9-10 Full Moon in Cancer (The Wolf Moon)

Five planets are in Capricorn at this time, making the energy: driven, focused, goal oriented, and unemotional. During the full moon though – the sun and moon are opposite in the sky and the energy is polarized. Any full moon exacerbates the energy and this full moon is telling us that we need to slow down, to keep our feelings and our family in focus as we move forward. This is one of the most powerful and yet sweetest moons of the year.  This full moon comes with a lunar eclipse to pack an extra punch of energy. Cancer is the embodiment of the sacred feminine, think Great Mother, and brings underlying themes of home, tribe, belonging, roots, and the unspoken emotional connections to the people in our life. It is a reminder for self-care, boundaries and to reflect on whether we are leading/caring for our own (wolf) pack in the right ways…

Jan 11-12 Moon in Leo

This was the sun/moon combination of Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…a super strong ego with strength, assuredness, confidence, and motivation. Leo is a fire sign, bringing extra chi and energy to us this weekend. This is a time to be active, get motivated, have fun, turn up the volume, and party!

Jan 13-14 Moon in Virgo

With this movement of the moon we have a “Grand Trine” in earth. This is when 3 planets are all in the same element, each separated by 120 degrees, making a “triangle” of earth in the sky. Grand Trines bring us really good, stable and productive energy. It is a good time for cleaning, making lists, arts & crafts, and doing detail-oriented work. You may also feel more connected to your pets or indoor plants at this time. Venus is just entering Pisces too, giving us a soft, fluid, creative energy. A good time for working with our hands.

Jan 15-16 Moon in Libra

Libra is squaring Cap during the next couple of days, creating tension, and maybe some discomfort. It may present as irritation, frustration OR it can go the other way to become motivation to start something you may have otherwise waited on. Libra is super creative, and brings beauty, balance, and an open mind to the table. So, you can choose how you want to use the conflicting energy these two days…

Jan 17-19 Moon in Scorpio

This moon movement is a little heavier- bringing intensity, focus, and determination. We have a configuration called a “T-Square” in the heavens creating some tension over these few days. The release point of this T- square is in Leo, asking us to lighten up, have some fun, and to release our inner child through “play” for a bit. If we do this, we can combat any frustration we may feel.

On January 20 the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, and it is here to lighten things up for sure! 

Aquarian energy is: 

  • Humanistic
  • Revolutionary
  • Eccentric
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly

Think scientists, inventors, humanitarians…

Jan 20-21 Moon in Sagittarius

Sag is a fire sign, and with Aquarius in air – these two energies are like a blazing bonfire, they get along great! The energy will be optimistic, expansive, and full of juice! A good time to travel, to learn something new, and to get physical!

Jan 22-23 Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn comes along to dampen the party a bit. These few days are more grounded, work and goal focused. Aquarius brings good ideas and thoughts and Cap can initiate it, so all and all these are the days to get stuff done! Notice when the moon enters Capricorn every month, you may see that everyone becomes a little more productive than usual. Managers and bosses who follow astrology swear by the Capricorn moon energy!

Jan 24-26 New Moon in Aquarius

During a new moon, both the sun and the moon are holding hands in the same sign. They stand side by side in the sky, and it is a dark sky, no moon is visible. A new moon is a time to go internal, to go deep, to think about what you want over the next month, or next year. With Aquarius bringing strong thought processes, it is a good time to think and make plans for 2020. If you haven’t made your vision board yet, it is the time for future pacing!

Jan 27-28 Moon in Pisces

The moon has moved into Pisces again (like the beginning of the month) and so we have a softer, quieter type of energy to go along with the Aquarian thinker/inventor. Pisces is a water sign and so can fluidly wrap around the rebel energy, helping it to soften and also bringing more creativity and intuition into the mix. This is inventive energy! Maybe you can dream up a new process or way of doing something that makes life a little bit easier for you these few days…

Jan 29-30 Moon in Aries

Fire and air are so compatible! When the moon is in Aries, see if you don’t feel the need to be more physical? If you are frustrated during this time – get outside, go for a walk or a run, just do something active! Aries calls for movement, and Aquarius is social and all about the group setting – so this is a great time to start a group activity – think yoga, jazzercise, group walking, etc. You can’t sit still during an Aries moon!

And that’s it for January. I would love to hear how the energies affect you! You can find me at  or at I do blogs monthly so be sure to visit and sign up for the astrology blog posts. 

I also do natal chart readings and 2020 Forecast Readings. I would love to go over your natal chart and current planetary transits with you. Please visit my website or FB page for more details. And…

Astrology Café will meet again on Friday, January 31 at Elemental Om Mason, 7:00pm. Come and talk astrology with me!

Love & Light,


January 11-12: Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

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