Astrology Café – May 2020

Taurus Season (April 19 – May 19)

Welcome to some calming Earth energy.  Finally…and just what the Dr. ordered! Taurus the Bull is the earthiest of signs, very grounded, stable, solid, and grounded. Like a rock, Taurus holds everything together, keeps the routine, and holds us together too. This is the time where we will finally find some footing with everything that has happened. Things will start to slow down this month, make some sense, and you will start to find your way through the muck. Taurus is all about facing reality, being practical, and finding a routine and even-keeled pace as we establish a new “normal”.

We are in Earth and Air signs for most of the month of May. There is little fire in the heavens. Earth signs signify grounded-ness and air signs signify new ideas and open communication.

First we start with the big planetary players this month and then a detailed description of how it will affect you as the moon moves and changes signs every 2 1/2 days. This is good information to add to your calendar – and you CAN print this and put it on the fridge as your guide to noticing the energy. See how it makes you feel. See if you can notice some of these shifts. Be more in tune with our energy this month.

Big Planetary Events This Month:

  1. Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  2. Mars moves into Pisces
  3. Retrograde Season begins
    1. Pluto for 5 months (power, reconstruction, rejuvenation)
    1. Saturn for 6 months (restrictions, boundaries, the brakes)
    1. Venus (May 13) – 40 days (love and money)
    1. Jupiter (May 14) – 4 months (optimism, spirituality, and big picture beliefs about self)
  4. Mercury is moving fast through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer – the flavor of our thoughts will change rapidly over the next month

Moon Cycles for May:

April 22-24 New Moon in Taurus – grounded, sensual, indulgent energy; 6 planets in earth, more practical, things move a little slower, steady energy.

April 25-26 Moon in Gemini – Energy shifts, things lighten up, opportunity to have some fun – Venus is also in Gemini so this will feel good, notice an appetite for information, facts, and figures.

Sun conjunct Uranus – this brings electric, lightning-like energy to Taurus, disrupts our routines, makes changes that we have never thought of before, maybe some ways of doing things differently

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – A 5-month review of things that have come to light in the past few months. Watch out for tendencies to mask/deny/minimize things that you know are true.

April 27-29 Moon in Cancer –calm, gentle energy, earth and water signs like each other and grow things together. You may find yourself being more compassionate toward your family or pets and wanting to grow things, maybe literally as spring planting season is here! A good time to make yummy foods and treat your family.

Mercury is also moving into Taurus – so how we think, and our mental prowess becomes focused on practical matters for the next 3 weeks.

April 30– May 1 Moon in Leo – Fire!Time for fun, being loud, and dressing up! There is also a T-Square in the heavens during this time causing a little tension (especially for the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) that releases in Scorpio- so we use all things Scorpi-onic to create our fun. Think deep conversations, investigations, puzzles, mysteries, intrigue. Also, a very sensual energy with Taurus and Scorpio together – wonderful date night, relationship energy.

May 2-3 Moon in Virgo – in a trine to Taurus, these are positive, get stuff done days! Cleaning, organizing, decluttering, making lists and plans for how you will roll out new social distancing standards for yourself and your family. Paying attention to the little details will really pay off.

May 4-5 Moon in Libra – a creative time where new ideas and new ways to negotiate stalled plans with others may move forward. Also, may inspire creative pursuits – What project have you been putting off?

May 6-7- Full Moon in Scorpio

  1. These two are opposite of each other in the sky – but they are complementary elements: Earth and Water- think back to the first of the month which gave us a taste of it with the Square. These are two sensual signs that delight in all the smells, tastes, and touches – a yummy energy for couples.
  2. This is a dramatic, big energy full moon – intense energy, you will feel it! With two fixed signs they will dance between who is in charge, but ultimately the energy will help us to grow and reenergize.
  3. Be careful of temptation, over-indulgence. Also avoid risks during this full moon. What you think is the truth may not be true at all.

Things to do during a Full Moon:

  • Purify and re-energize your crystals/cards by leaving them out in the moonlight.
  • Make a wish, write it down, meditate on it- this is simply the BEST NIGHT to meditate! New ideas may arise, and confusions become clear during this period.
  • What can you initiate this month? With the full moon it is now time to set into motion that which you were thinking about during the new moon – two weeks ago. The full moon cycle is always about finding a way forward and taking action.
  • Bathe in the moonlight for self-care, either in a bathtub or just by taking a walk at night where you can appreciate her beauty. You can also make “moon water” by leaving a pitcher of water out in the moonlight. Good for drinking and watering your houseplants for an extra little lift this month.

May 8-9 Moon in Sagittarius – FIRE is here! We still have 5 planets in Earth – but we can use this fire for an extra little lift to get up and moving. Sagittarius can make things louder and more direct. What do you need to say? Here’s your chance.

May 10-11 Moon in Capricorn – 7 planets in Earth with the Moon in Capricorn…things are slowing down, but you can put the energy to work. Capricorn moon is the most productive, and get things done energy all month!

Saturn goes into Retrograde – imagine giving yourself your own personal evaluation or performance review (like at work). Do you get a raise or a demotion for your work ethic, responsibility, diligence? Saturn’s energy will make you rethink your actions and get yourself in check. This goes on until September 29th.

Mercury enters Gemini- Communication opens up and an easy flow of thoughts- prime time for negotiations!

May 12-14 Moon in Aquarius – 4 planets in air signs – a time for out of the box thinking, going against the grain, and doing it your way, and standing out in some way.

Mars enters Pisces – like stormy weather, Mars is uncomfortable here, and is confused. You may not know how to move forward for the next month. Lots of rerouting, frustration, and possible passive-aggressive behavior.

Venus Retrograde begins – For 40 days the planet of love and money takes a rest. Don’t commit to either.

Jupiter Retrograde begins – 4 months of soul searching about your talents/skills/desires and how to align them with your personal truth. What do you want out of your life?

May 15-16 Moon in Pisces – This moon is conjunct Neptune and Mars who are also in Pisces. You may see hidden issues coming to light. Overall this is a dreamy, softer, drifting kind of energy. Don’t be afraid to drift for a few days. Letting go may just be the medicine you need.

May 17-19 Moon in Aries– FIRE! Get Up! This moon will give you an energy boost, maybe a little conflictive – Aries is fast, Taurus is slow, but good working energy. Go on a run, be active!

The sun is also trining Jupiter – making this one of the luckiest set of days of the year – brings optimism, increases your chances and opens possibilities.

May 20th – The SUN moves into Gemini – an air sign. Highlighting communication, negotiation, exchanging of ideals and stimulating to your mind.

May 20-21 Moon in Taurus – grounding energy that focuses on practical matters and the mundane. Can help to bring the Gemini energy down to earth and thinking about things that are right in front of you – day to day routines.

May 22-24 New Moon in Gemini

The sun and moon stand together (conjunct), think Double Air! Lots of cerebral thinking and planning. Time to go inside and look at your goals for the rest of the year. What do you want 2021 to look like?

Things to do during a New Moon:

  • Time to set your intentions for the month ahead! Great time to think about a new project!
    • Time for introspection- thinking on new beginnings and journaling.
    • Ask yourself- Are your needs being met? The moon connects us to our emotional needs.
    • Sage smudging – clear the energy, clean the house!
    • Burn a candle to strengthen your intentions- spend time visualizing, praying, meditating about what you want to accomplish…

May 25-26 Moon in Cancer – a focus on family and home. Emotions may come up. Memories and reflections on the past. Just ride this energy through – it will change in 2.5 days…

May 27-28 Moon in Leo – Air & Fire = big energy! A fun and energetic time. Get up, show up, go out, dance, sing, and be sure to play!

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