Astrology Forecast – June 2020

Jen’s Energy Predictions for June

Energy Report for Gemini Season (May 20-June 19)

Bring on the air of Gemini!  Did you feel the shift?  The cosmic energy has become more social, lighter, uplifting, and maybe even fun…? Coming out of grounded & practical Taurus season – it’s like flipping a switch- have you noticed how your social circles have become more active and everyone wants to talk and get together?  You also may find yourself reading more or thinking to take an online course this month.  Gemini energy will inspire you to learn something new or to look at something in a brand new way.

Gemini is an air sign, the epitome of communication, intellect, curiosity, thoughts and ideas.  The energy of the ultimate thinker, a busy mind will be the calling card for this month. Gemini is also the sign of the twins, playful, with many interests, and a love for learning and teaching others.  Geminis don’t miss anything – they are the keenest of observers and notice all that is happening wherever they go.

And we have a lot going on in our world right now. We can use this Gemini keen observer energy to watch, to understand, and to have compassion for others. With social injustice, protests, and still much sickness you may feel overwhelmed and helpless. What can you do? You can let the air element help you to be curious, to understand different perspectives, to learn all that you can, and to listen. You can look through the lense of compassion with your observer energy and love those around you who need it.

And then when it all gets to be too much (and I’m afraid it might) you can let this Air energy roll over you and help YOU to detach when you need to… imagine a warm breeze or floating on the clouds. Visualization of beautiful spaces can help an overwhelmed mind. Meditation and prayer are good ways to get your busy mind to stop for a few moments too. Give yourself permission to take a break. And when you need to it’s ok to call on your friends and talk it out, to reflect on your feelings and to communicate what you need.

This breezy or (maybe even) windy energy is what we have available to us over the next few weeks. Maybe you can use it to think through how to help others in these difficult times, or to distract yourself for a bit with your many interests. Take time for self care and know that the energy will change soon!

Big Planetary Events This Month:

  1. Venus Retrograde (May 13) – 40 days (affects your love and money)
  2. Mercury Retrograde (June 18- July 12)
  3. 2 BIG Eclipses!!! – June 5, June 20

Follow the Moon Cycles

Do you want someone to tell you what’s happening or do you want to feel it? The best way to feel the energy of our universe is to follow the moon cycles – which changes every 2.5 days. Use this guide below to predict what energy you will have available – but also to see if you notice it in your day to day routines and interactions!

May 29-30 Moon in Virgo – a good time to get outside, wander, do what feels free.  There is tension in the heavens with a T-square, the energy can be tense, but this formation releases in Sagittarius – so going for a hike, forest bathing, yard work, gardening, etc. can all be good activities during this time.

May 31- June 1 Moon in Libra – Double Air!  With both Gemini and Libra air signs, the energy is light, fun, and harmonious.  Find beauty or make your surroundings beautiful!

June 2-3 Moon in Scorpio – This can be dramatic energy, getting caught up in emotions, or can bring a spark to your relationship.  The sun is standing next to Venus adding charisma and charm to the mix and Mercury just entered Cancer…so all thoughts are on home, family, security, and snuggling…

June 4-6 Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius!

  1. During a full moon the sun and moon stand opposite in the sky – but they are complementary elements: Air and Fire.  So, lots of ideas and lots of energy!  Think of a bonfire – energetic!
  2. This full moon has a formation called a t-square, which is a tension point to Mars in Pisces.  For some this will create a feeling of anxiety, scattered-ness, and possible confusion.  The release point is in Virgo – so when you get organized, make a list, make a plan, or clean it up, you will feel better.
  3. We also have a Lunar Eclipse occurring during this full moon on June 5th.  Celestial energy exits, signifying a clearing or purification, a time for endings and letting go to make way for new beginnings.  This Eclipse is high powered and will bring something to light. We may learn something new about Coronavirus!  The bigger picture, world views, and global philosophies are in focus…

Things to do during a Full Moon:

  • Purify and re-energize your crystals & cards by leaving them out in the moonlight.
  • Make a wish, write it down, meditate- this is the BEST NIGHT to meditate!  New ideas may arise, and confusions become clear during this period.
  • What can you initiate this month?  With the full moon it is now time to set into motion that which you were thinking about during the new moon – two weeks ago.  The full moon cycle is always about finding a way forward and taking action.
  • Bathe in the moonlight for self-care, either in a bathtub or just by taking a walk at night where you can appreciate her beauty.  You can also make “moon water” by leaving a pitcher of water out in the moonlight.  Good for drinking and watering your houseplants for an extra little lift this month.

June 7-8 Moon in Capricorn – This is a good time to clean and get stuff done.  Capricorn moon is the most productive of all moon signs and when it comes around each month, you can be sure that your to-do list is going to get done!

June 9-10 Moon in Aquarius – Double-Air energy again – but this one has a quirky, intellectual flavor to it.  You might come up with a new idea or stand out in some way during this couple of days.  A super creative time, so let your weird shine!

June 11-13 Moon in Pisces – This moon is standing next to Neptune and Mars in Pisces.  With three planets there- the energy is dreamy and drifty – but also can be confusing, cloudy, and delusional.  Pay special attention to your dreams.  Psychic and intuitive energy is most powerful right now.

June 14-15 Moon in Aries– Just what we needed!  Some FIRE!  Energy!  Chi!  With Gemini air, this fire will feel bigger and you’ll get an energy boost!  Get outside, go play!  You’ve got to move energy during these few days…

June 16-18 Moon in Taurus – This moon is standing next to Uranus in the sky – making the energy a bit wild, electrical, maybe even some surprises!  Taurus moon will help to ground the energy though, so you can focus on practical matters.  Uranus also offers and intuitive influence – so pay attention to reoccurring thoughts and flashes of insight!

Mercury goes Retrograde June 18th!  Watch out for delays or miscommunications.  Get repairs to your car and back up your computer files before the 18th!  Avoid signing contracts during this time – or make sure you triple check any fine print or details.

June 19 New Moon in Gemini again for one day…and then Cancer

During a new moon the sun and moon stand together (conjunct) in the sky, it’s Double Air!  Lots of cerebral thinking and planning.  Time to go inside, to plan, to meditate on what you want next.

  • On the 20th the Sun Moves into Cancer, as does the Moon on the 21st – changing the flavor of this New Moon to Cancerian themes – home and hearth.  Cancer is in the Water Element and so the New Moon will be more emotional, quiet, reflective, and filled with trips down memory lane.
  • June 21-22 New Moon in Cancer – a focus on family and home.  Emotions may come up.  Memories and reflections on the past.  Think of the crab in her shell, contemplating the ways she can heal others and offer the energy of the “mother” to her flock.
  • This New Moon will be accompanied by a Solar Eclipse!  This Solar Eclipse will bring in new celestial energy, a “power surge” of sorts, always “bringing in” something.  May take a few weeks to feel this energy, or what the NEW thing is, but it is coming…

Things to do during a New Moon:

  • Time to set your intentions for the month ahead.  Great time to think about a new project.
    • Time for introspection- thinking on new beginnings and journaling.
    • Ask yourself- Are your needs being met?  The moon connects us to our emotional needs.
    • Sage smudging – clear the energy, clean the house!
    • Burn a candle to strengthen your intentions- spend time visualizing, praying, meditating about what you want to accomplish…

Saturday, June 20th at 5:44 p.m. is the welcoming of the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year! The Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer or the highest point in the sky.

June 23-24 Moon in Leo – Strive for balance during this moon.  Cancer wants to stay inside.  Leo wants to go out and play.  A little of both can please these two energies.  Spend time focused on family and those you love, tuning into to how the collective is feeling.

June 25-26 Moon in Virgo – These few days you will want to get organized, putting things in their place, making lists, mental notes.  Check in with your houseplants and see what needs transplanted or moved to a different spot.  Also, a great time to care for your animals – bathing, trimming, and clipping nails.  All your little loves will enjoy extra attention during this time!

And that’s our month friends. I hope you will use this guide to help you know what’s coming, to adjust, and ultimately to improve the quality of your days! Remember that you can look up each horoscope sign to see more about its characteristics and to learn more about the energy it will bring. Have a great month and I will see you again on Friday, June 26th at 7:00 p.m. with the energy forecast for July at Astrology Cafe on YouTube.

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