Thanksgiving Astrology

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November 23-29, 2020

Hi Friends!

I hope this week finds you well. As we approach the holidays, I have been thinking of you and I wanted to give you a special gift. Welcome to the beginnings of weekly Astrology updates from me.  My name is Jen, and as you know, I love Astrology!  I use it every day; to learn what’s coming, for my kids, in my relationships, for my friends, etc. I want you to have this same power to harness the energy of the planets and stars. Let me be your guide!

We all want to know what the current “mood” is, how we can put our best foot forward and when it’s the best time (or worst time) to make a decision, to begin new starts, to go on vacation, to buy a house, etc. Knowing the energy is just one more tool we can put in our toolbelt! Let me be your guide and I can help you add the tools you need to cope and survive this sometimes-crazy life. Energy can be changed and controlled with the right counter movements. I can show you how. Let’s jump into the week!

This week’s theme is: “GO WITH THE FLOW”

We have a Venus and Uranus opposition all week, which means they stand at opposite points in the sky. This is not bad, as Venus is the planet of LOVE: what we love, relationships, our money, and beautiful surroundings. Uranus is the planet of quick change, lightning-fast intuition, excitement, and unpredictability. Uranus in your natal chart is also where you stand out in crowd.  When these two come together it adds a little spice and variety to life.  A little more romance, creativity, or changes to your routine may come your way.  You also may get some good news or a new offer for a creative project! You can see money come or go quickly this week, so be watchful over your bank account.

Secondly, we have Mercury and Neptune holding hands in the sky, giving the week a more dreamy and imaginative quality. Your nighttime dreams may be more colorful, and this energy gives you increased intuition as well as heightened instincts and downloads – which are all telling you something. However, I wouldn’t make any important decisions this week as Neptune is also squaring Venus and this can muddy our rationality and thinking processes – wait until next week if you can to decide on anything important. This energy is great though for the holidays, daydreaming about your sweetie and where you might meet under the mistletoe or imagining and then creating the most beautiful Christmas tree or decorations that you can design this year!

Neptune has been retrograding and is beginning to “station” or stand still in preparation to move forward again. This can increase feelings of paranoia, depressed moods, connecting to our spiritual guides, a need to be near the water, or overuse of alcohol or drugs. So just notice how you’re feeling and do your grounding exercises if you’re feeling a little water-logged by Neptune this week.

Additionally, we also have a little argument in the sky between Pluto and Eris – be sure to notice any envy, guilt, or jealousy you may be feeling or that others are directing at you. If this happens it can be helpful to name it for yourself or for that other person and that should keep it at bay. Realize that even though these may be negative feelings, you can turn it into a positive by using these feelings as a MOTIVATOR to set goals for yourself. What do you want more of in your life? Where do you want be in 24 months?

On Wednesday, the 25th, just in time for all the cooking, we have the Moon holding hands with Mars. Mars is the gas pedal in the car, and the moon is your emotions. They are both together in Aries! Now if you know an Aries person, you know they have more gitty-up-and-go than most people – So this is beautiful energy for baking pies and casseroles and setting the table, and washing the glassware and getting all the things done…And these two planets give us razor like thinking and the ability to just KNOW- you can do it ALL – just be cool about it, don’t share that too loudly, or be a little too bossy, as you could find yourself in a holiday kerfuffle…and you don’t want that.

On Thursday, you might find your patience wearing thin, or feel a little frustrated. You’ve worked so hard, why don’t they see that and just listen, right? Realize that there are 3 kinds of people right now: the optimists, the intense snarky ones, and the curmudgeonly semi-depressed ones. So…this is who you will be dealing with around your Thanksgiving table. The good news is that you get to choose who you will be! I’m going for optimism said the Sagittarius rising! Just realize that we have to exercise a little patience and restraint with our loved ones as we’re all still coming out of the heavy energy that this year has dealt. Thanksgiving is the day to be grateful – so practice gratitude when you’re feeling out of sorts, thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for, go walk the dog, get out in nature and you’ll feel better.

(This energy comes from the recent shift of the sun in Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus still in Scorpio, and the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn).

On Friday, it’s another “go with the flow” kind of day. Daydreaming is the word. Exercise self-care, and don’t feel guilty if you just take it slow and binge watch Christmas movies in your pajamas all day long. Be yourself and just go with wherever the mood strikes you!

Saturday and Sunday the Moon is in the sign of Taurus, giving you the feeling of having everything under control and just feeling the good vibes! It’s an auspicious day on Saturday to begin a new project/routine/habit. So, if there’s something on your mind…like maybe starting to work off your Covid 15 or having had too much pumpkin pie then this is a great time to get started on a new health routine! The reality of things sets in and the truth comes out these two days, so use this grounded energy to make plans and a solid start to begin again. You can always begin again -tomorrow is a brand-new day!

On Sunday the good vibes continue, you can sink into to more feel-good activities, and make time to rest, relax, and avoid any conflict that may come your way. Remember, just “go with the flow”. Turn on the fireplace, light a candle, and enjoy all the things that make you feel good.

Sunday is bringing us up to a FULL MOON early on Monday morning (around 4:30 a.m.), so the edginess may be setting in later in the day as it does during a full moon. This full moon is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, making it especially powerful! The full moon is in the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, signifying our thought processes and the power of communication. So, you may be doing some heavy lifting in the thinking, journaling or talking-it-out department this Sunday. Give yourself some rest and do something mindless – vacuuming, raking leaves, or a crossword puzzle to slow down a racing mind. Yoga and meditation can be helpful too.

And that’s our week at a glance, friends. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you! Be on the lookout later this week for another blog post from me about the FULL MOON and Lunar Eclipse we have coming on Monday morning. It’s big! It’s the beginning of a new cycle! And I will share with you – how and where you will find this energy blooming in your life 😉

With Love and Light,


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  1. Wow-great information going into the holidays. So helpful during a stressful, yet grateful time of the year.

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