It’s Full Moon Time…with an Eclipse!

This month’s full moon is during the wee hours of Monday, November 30th, around 4:30 a.m. ET. You may start to feel the tension of the moon’s gravitational pull on you this Sunday morning. Things may feel a little more hectic, busy, or dare I say crazy feeling? It is a full moon in the sign of Gemini, bringing a curiosity to the table, making you a little more inquisitive and livelier, perhaps questioning some things about life, and why things are the way they are. It may help you come to a decision to make some needed changes. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and gives steam to your thinking machine, helping you to focus on problems and it can cause you to over-think things a bit, but it is in positive aspect to Saturn (the planet of rules and structure) and this energy can help you reset, redo, and plan for consistency, time management, new routines, and new starts.

The accompanying eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse, in the North Node, meaning this it is an ENTRY energy, bringing us something new, and typically the harbinger of POSITIVE incoming energy. Boy do we need it! It can sometimes bring a “flood” of something: money, work, love – but there can be too much of a good thing…so pay attention to anywhere that can build up pressure – water lines, your car overheating, or even tempers running over.

This eclipse in Gemini, is an AIR sign and air signs have a signature influence on the air, wind (potential windy conditions), birds, trees, power lines, communication, transportation, electricity, storms, computers, technology, space exploration, mail and package delivery, and unfortunately airborne disease. Effects are typically felt 7-14 days before and after the eclipse, so you may have already noticed some “airy” events happening.

The sign Gemini rules the hands, arms, fingers, trachea, bronchial tubes, lungs, scapula, clavicle, respiratory system and the nervous system. It can bring waves of symptoms for those with asthma or bronchitis problems (so don’t forget your inhaler). And this eclipse is definitely a stimulant to the nervous system – so any and all mood/mental issues or fluctuating mental states may feel this eclipse more strongly and may need to do self-care and rituals to stay healthy for a few days before and after the eclipse.

What does the Eclipse and Full Moon mean for each of the Zodiac Signs?

Here’s a hint to what you can expect during this Full Moon Eclipse…

  • Aries – Affects communication, written and speaking, computers, electronics, focus on self-education and development.
  • Taurus– Expect a money surge – coming in or going out. Taking stock of your self-talk and owning you worth. May also influence food and nutrition choices.
  • Gemini– Take care of your health – the effects of this eclipse will be strong on your body. Possible fatigue or extra energized. Your natural traits will be enhanced before and after the eclipse – your wit, speed, dexterity, charisma, playfulness, nervousness, busy-mind, scatteredness, etc.
  • Cancer– Emphasis on creating boundaries, revealing secrets, behind the scenes or “hidden” matters are in focus. Spiritual work, intuition, sleep, need for rest, solitude, dreams, fears, are being brought up at this time.
  • Leo– Manifestation within your social circles, friends/groups/mentors may enter or exit your life, a social time where new connections can be made.
  • Virgo – Career emphasis with duality present – may be two or more choices regarding career, parents, or home. Can bring confusion. No quick resolution. Stay still at this time.
  • Libra – Questioning your ideologies and expanding your mind/vision. Travel or education possible. Possible urges to quit or change course for something new.
  • Scorpio – Emotional intimacy in relationships, also themes of self-transformation or renewal. Take special care to guard your lungs at this time.
  • Sagittarius – Eclipses signal changes in partnerships and marriage for Sagittarius. Contracts, promises and plans may change like the wind. Be careful of deceit or tricky people and avoid signing anything during this time. Preparation for upcoming Solar Eclipse.
  • Capricorn – Health and work are primarily affected – take care to strengthen and protect the lungs. Changes to job/schedules are typical. Communication is affected. Build some down time into your schedule. This can be a productive time.
  • Aquarius– Focus on romance, lovers or close friends. Express through creative outlets, the children in your life, and be open to spontaneous plans.
  • Pisces – Focus on your family and home, and the physical structure of the home – windows, doors, trees, HVAC. Keep your eye on stability, routines, and your life goals as this eclipse will bring momentary whims or discontent that will not stay.

You can look to your Sun sign and/or rising sign to see which areas of life the Eclipse will affect you. Remember that this “entering energy” can happen a few weeks before or after the eclipse, and in a bigger way, up to 90 days after the eclipse. So, it may be helpful to do some journaling during this time as you may not realize long-term changes until January or February of next year. It will feel like an area of your life is being “rearranged” or a turning point in that area. We will find feelings of assimilation to new ideas and feelings around the reception of something new. Are you ready to receive? Knowing what is coming next can help you to prepare for the future. Also taking the time recognize this energy coming into your life can help tremendously!

What Can You Do During the Eclipse?

Here are a few ways to honor the eclipse and full moon:

  • Light a candle -as when the “light” is eclipsed, you are keeping the light going in your energy field.
  • Take a bath – the water can help to restore ion balance in your body.
  • Pray – gratitude connects you with your spirit guides.
  • Deep Breathing – Durga breath or a 5-count inhale/exhale can help you to stay centered.
  • Eat high Chi foods- figs, dates, almonds, walnuts, kelp, seeds, honey, ginger, turmeric.
  • Rest and relax to restore. Monday may be a good day to take it easy, start slow, and just take your time through the day.

This eclipse, as well as the next one that is coming in just two weeks (December 14th!) are helping to close out 2020. They are bringing in the new energy of 2021. So, let’s do our rituals to say goodbye to this year that may have been both a blessing and a curse, and to prepare for what is to come. We have learned what we can live with, and without during this time period and so we take that knowledge into a brand-new year of hope and promise. I’m excited and you should be too! More to come friends…stay tuned for my forecasts and energy updates!

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