Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius…Let It Go

So here we are, the moon has moved into Sagittarius, along with the sun and they are holding hands in the sky under a new moon.  Such a sweet time!  New moons are the time when the sky is dark, as no moon can be seen and it is a time to go internal and to reflect on what changes we need to make in the coming month or “moon-th” cycle.  This cycle runs from this new moon on December 14 until the next new moon on January 13, 2021.

What makes this new moon extra special is that there is also a Total Solar Eclipse occurring on Monday morning too.  It occurs on December 14 at 8:33 a.m. and we won’t see it here in the U.S., but I can bet you are feeling it!  The energy of the eclipse portals open about 2 weeks before and after an eclipse, and we just had a lunar eclipse on November 30!  A lot of planetary energy is happening and the winds of change are upon us and have been for a few weeks now. Can you feel it?  

A total eclipse like this one will pack more punch than other partial eclipses. The last one we had that was this powerful happened in August 2017.  Do you remember?  It was in the middle of the day.  Can you think of a powerful transition that occurred in your life in the months after that eclipse?  For instance, for me, I left a stressful job and career path to do something more in alignment with my karma.

This Solar Eclipse happens in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign, and it has an energetic and optimistic tone to it.  (Thank goodness, this is just what we need; a little hope!)  It is a time of liberation, freeing you, or a letting go of something in your life that you can no longer hold on to.  It signifies a time where we release things that are no longer serving us.  So ask yourself – “What do I need to let go of?”  It can be as simple as decluttering your space, to something as serious as ending a failing relationship or friendship.  It can be letting go of expectations, judgement, guilt, shame, or bad feelings that may have been hanging around your neck for way too long.  It is a turning point in our lives where we discharge, clear away, or make inner decisions to do something new.  And it will happen regardless of what we try to do – this is karmic energy- and it comes in to start a new cycle with or without our cooperation.  So try to go with the flow and remain flexible!  We are leaving something behind that we don’t need anymore.  This eclipse is about endings.  We are ending one phase of life so that we can bring something new in.  This is the universe’s way of helping us to clean the cobwebs in our life.  Don’t we all need to release something from 2020?  Do I hear a resounding yes?!

This is exciting energy!  Karmic Housecleaning!  YES, please!  Take a look below to see where this Solar Eclipse is going to affect you.  Look at both your Sun sign and your Rising sign to get an indicator of how these two energies may integrate with each other.  I feel that the Rising Sign is the best indicator of soul growth, but there may be themes from your sun sign as well. You may not feel the effects of this eclipse right away as the window is usually 2 weeks before up to 6 months after the actual date of the eclipse when the energy is active.  You may not realize right away how this impacted your life so it might be helpful to write down these key words for your Sun and Rising sign and then go back and look at them in a few weeks.  You’ll be amazed to see how things play out.

What does the Eclipse mean for each of the Zodiac Signs?

Here’s a hint to what you can expect during this New Moon Solar Eclipse…

  • Aries – Questioning your ideologies and expanding your vision for 2021.  Travel, education, or a new spiritual journey is possible.  You may have the urge to quit or change course for something new.
  • Taurus– Emotional intimacy or mind games in relationships, also themes of self-transformation or renewal.  Power struggles and/or passionate feelings can uncover hidden meanings or trigger change.
  • Gemini– Eclipses signal changes in public image, partnerships and marriage.  Contracts, promises and plans may change like the wind.  Be careful of deceit or tricky people and avoid signing anything during this time.
  • Cancer– Health and work are primarily affected. Maybe time to start a new health routine.  Take care with your health, i.e vitamins, exercise, wearing your mask.  Changes to job/schedules are typical.  You may feel the motivation to take on a substantial task or a new role.  This can be a productive time.
  • Leo– Lovers or close friends can enter or depart during this time.  Focus on your creative outlets, the children in your life, and be open to spontaneous plans.  Your small pets may need extra attention.
  • Virgo – Focus on your family and home.  Check in on your parents.  Keep your eye on stability, routines, and your life goals as this eclipse will bring momentary whims or discontent that is fleeting.
  • Libra – This eclipse affects communication, written and speaking; make sure you back up your computers and electronics as they may break!  It may be good to change up your daily routines.  Go for a drive.  Your mind is busy during this time; build some down time into your schedule.
  • Scorpio – Expect a money surge – coming in or going out.  Taking stock of your self-talk and owning you worth.  May also influence food and nutrition choices.  Notice where you feel stuck or indignant – this is probably where you need to make changes.
  • Sagittarius – Take care of your health – the effects of this eclipse will be strong on your physical body.  Possible fatigue or extra energized.  Your natural traits will be enhanced before and after the eclipse – you may feel restrained, a need for a new adventure, learning experience, or spiritual journey.  Be optimistic about 2021!  This is a positive eclipse for Sagittarius!
  • Capricorn – Emphasis on creating boundaries, revealing secrets, behind the scenes or “hidden” matters are in focus.  Spiritual work, intuition, sleep, need for rest, solitude, dreams, fears, are being brought up at this time.
  • Aquarius– Manifestation within your social circles, friends/groups/mentors may enter or exit your life, a social time where new connections can be made.
  • Pisces – Career emphasis, perhaps bringing a promotion or new responsibilities into your life.  Can bring confusion about your goals.  You need time to mull over your options.  Stay still at this time.

Whatever you do – don’t be afraid of eclipse energy. We have 2-6 eclipses every year and the changes happen and we just don’t always notice. Knowing the Astrology and the area where it will affect you will help you to see the planetary energy at work in your life – and that is a beautiful thing.

Love & Light

Jen @ Seeing Stars Astrology

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