Are You Ready to Fly into 2021?

It’s Time to Grow Your Wings!

It’s been on the news, social media, blog sites, magazines, and just about every kind of communication out there – the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter (which you could literally see in the sky!), also known as the Christmas Star. How beautiful! And these two planets were so lovely in the sky, holding hands, and bringing new energy to us too!

Did you know their little meeting signaled the next 20-year cycle of your life? And several other cycles are beginning too. About seven new cycles in all (which is a BIG deal!) and most of them are now beginning in Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign.  Aquarius and air energy in general brings on feelings of independence, freedom-seeking, curiosity, thinking, communicating, technology usage, eccentricity, humanitarianism, and the collective mind set. If you know an Aquarius, they are super-smart, are light years ahead of the conversation, care about everyone, and they beat to their own drum. Am I right? This is where we’re heading. We’re getting ready to take flight as a society. It’s time to do things like you’ve never done before – tapping into your genius, finding how you can live “outside the box”.

Welcome to Aquarius! (Now despite what you may have heard – this isn’t the “Age of Aquarius”, maybe a slight entrée into what it will be like…but that’s a conversation for a different time.) Just trust me, we are like baby birds still in the nest discovering that we have wings. We’re preparing for the take off.

For perspective, Saturn and Jupiter cycles have been in earth signs for many years.  Think of qualities like securing shelter, possessions, stability, structure, and being grounded like a tree. Now the universe is asking us to grow wings…so what we supposed to do with that?

That’s where I can help.

And how was your Holiday Season by the way?  I hope it was as good as possible given all the quarantines and mask wearing.  You did your best I am sure!  Are you glad that we’re reaching the end of 2020? Most people are… and hoping for a better 2021. Me too.

That’s why I am reaching out to you. How has 2020 treated you? Would you like to get set up for the best 2021 possible? Would you like to figure out how you can fly this year? Imagine your favorite winged animal – a butterfly, a hummingbird, an owl, or an eagle.  See yourself as this amazing creature getting ready to fly off into the afterglow. Let me take a look at your chart and see how the planets are playing together in the sky for you.

We are pilots now, no longer train conductors or truck drivers. We are leaving earthly pursuits and are headed for the clouds. Wouldn’t you like to know what the weather will be like?

I can help. I can see what the cycles will bring for your chart this coming year. I can tell you what to expect and how to use the energy for your highest good. And where you need to buckle down, or be patient, or where an opportunity may occur. Where to hit the gas and when to apply the brake. Where your greatest 2021 is and how you can make the best of it!

I would love to read your astrological weather. Book an Astrology Reading with me! You can click the link below to go to my scheduler or reach out to me on social media – I’m on Facebook and Instagram @seeingstarsastrology.  We can see where 2021 is going to take you. I would be honored to be your copilot.

Love and Stars,


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