Energy Update for May 22, 2022

Hello Fellow Star-Seers!

How did the Full Moon and Solar Eclipse of last weekend treat you…did you feel it? The energy was intense! It was emotional and involved cleaning out the “gunk” either physically, mentally, or in relationship. Been cleaning/clear much lately?

For me it was literally cleaning and clearing garbage! I am helping to rehab a house that had a lot of trash and garbage both inside and outside, so I’ve had my gloves on and I’ve been clearing out the trash.

Where have you been clearing trash out. How does this manifest for you? I would love to know.

It’s Not Over Yet!

And even though the Full Moon Eclipse is over, it’s not really over yet. The combined energy between the two going to show up for you over the next four weeks. It is also a time of shifting visions. You will find you are interested in new things, or something/someone new is coming in. You will have new epiphanies and ah-ha moments too. Just notice how subtly it happens. You will be amazed.

New Cycle Beginning

And it also set off the beginning of a new 12-year cycle as the energy shifts into a fast-paced current that can help us get things done. Get ready for an even bigger boost of energy too, as things that were moving slow are going to start accelerating fast, like really fast, and maybe faster than you are ready for! It happens this week as Mars (the planet of forward motion) moves into the fire sign of Aries. Look for things to kick off, get started, and move quick!

Where’s the Eclipse?

Here’s some key words about where this energy might show up in your life. Remember these themes have the next month to arrive, or maybe they’ve been coming over the past couple of weeks leading into the eclipse.

You can go by your sun sign or rising sign, or both. If you’re not sure about what your rising sign is (also called Ascendant or AC) – go to my website – and on the main page I made a video that quickly teaches you how to cast your chart – and it is free! Knowing your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign (or AC), is crucial to learning about yourself. It’s the basis for knowing your unique energy.

Where’s the Eclipse for YOU?

Here’s some key words-

Aries –
Uncovering things that are hidden
underworld themes
other peoples $ & resources

attitudes toward partnerships
agreements and contracts
the fine arts, decorating, remodeling

Self-improvement, health
Work, career
Everyday life

Entertainment, having fun
Love & Romance
Creative expression
Hobbies, Pleasures, Vacations

Home, Family, domestic affairs
Origins, Heredity, Ancestors
Childhood, Mother
Subconscious, psychological roots

Verbal/intellectual expression
Curiosity; Learning something new
Relationships with siblings, neighbors, closest friends

Money, material things
Values, self-worth
Simplicity, things that bring comfort
Outdoors, nature

Physical Body, health
Self- Image
Modifying appearance
Taking action

Psychic downloads; strong intuition
Things happening behind the scenes
Secrets, Vagueness
Illness; Addictions
Hidden Lives; Escapism

Stepping/Thinking outside the box
Increased use of technology
Future/forward thinking
Interest in groups/networks/organizations
Hopes, Wishes, Dreams are coming into focus

Feeling ambitious; focus on career/profession
Reputation; social standing
Adjusting to rules, norms, regulations
Relationship with authority
Breakthrough or breaking out, being freed

Optimism/big picture thinking
Seeking new experiences
Overseeing a project

I hope this helps you in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share this information. I believe astrology is a helpful tool in knowing what energy is coming our way. It helps to prepare us for the energy “weather”, so you know how to make adjustments! Sometimes we need an umbrella and sometimes we need a beach towel. And sometimes we need a shovel (for all the 💩 coming)! How do you know? Follow me on FB or IG at Seeing Stars Astrology or Seeing Stars Yoga and I’ll keep you up to date when big energy is coming our way. And I need your help. Share, refer, and give me a review on FB if you’ve had a reading with me. And if you haven’t (or haven’t in a while) maybe it’s time. If it’s an issue of the cost, I love what I do and I will work with you as a gift to your future self.

Check out my websites to learn more about what I do.

I’d love to hear from you. Email me at Happy Star-Gazing…and up next is the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday, June 5th

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