New Moon in Virgo

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New Moon in Virgo!

It’s a New Moon!

In the sky, this is the time in the moon cycle when the sun and moon hold hands and become best buds. The moon is so close that the light from the sun can’t reflect off of it, and so the sky is dark. It’s also when we go dark and turn inward to reflect and plan. A seeding time, with new ideas and new adventures tickling our toes and encouraging us to dream.

Fresh new energy is coming in, and with this moon, that energy is of a Virgo nature. Both the sun and the moon are in Virgo. They remind us to get practical, to organize our lives, and to clear our mental cobwebs. Mercury is ending its retrograde right around the same time, so any delays you’ve experienced will start to melt away. It’s game time.

Virgo Season

Virgo season reminds us that purity and clarity are of high value, and that getting clean and clear of any toxins, negativity, indulgences, etc. will help us to be our very best. So what do you need to detox in your life? Maybe too much food, drink, social media…you get the drift. This new moon is a check in time, where you can look inside and see where you need to get clean. This can be organizing your papers, getting your house ready for the fall season, putting summer toys away, etc. It’s an attention to detail, which can feel nit-picky at times, but overall it will help to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Positive Energy Incoming!

This new moon also has some positive energy (called a trine) flowing with the planets Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus is bringing surprises, quick changes, and breakthrough energy. While Jupiter is bringing abundance, opportunity, and optimism. Embrace the unexpected and find what’s beneficial and good about it – as it will work out in your favor! Lady luck is shining from this lunation, as long as we’re doing our cleansing work, even if it’s small steps you’re making toward you’re finish line.

You will feel this energy strongest two days before through two days after the new moon. It is exact on Thursday, September 14, at 9:40pm. So we are already in the window of clean, clear, and organization themes.

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Sun/Rising Sign Horoscope

Wondering where this energy might show up for you? Use this horoscope for each sign. If you know your rising sign I would look for it as well as the sun sign.

For the New Moon, if you’re a:


The new moon is shining on your work, health, fitness, and/or service goals. You may feel the urge to refine the details, and to plan and organize your life to be more efficient. If it is related to health goals, a detox or cleanse may be the just the thing you need!


This new moon wants you to go out and play. Going for a hike, kayaking, or any way you can connect with nature during the lunation window will be beneficial for you. You cleanse your spirit when you walk with the trees. Caring for your houseplants and fur babies might also lift your spirits during this time. Find fun in the mundane, thats the ticket for Taurus with this moon.


The new moon has you focused on home and hearth. Cleaning your space and clearing the energy with a sage smudge will help you you purify your surroundings and in the process declutter your mental space too. When you make room for new things to come in, they will.


Who do you need to have a conversation with? This new moon is asking you where you need to clear the air? Talking it out with your BFF can help. Then write out what you really want to say and hit delete. The second time will be more effective. Finding ways to express your thoughts and communicating effectively are the gifts of this new moon.


This new moon is hitting you in the pocketbook. Or it can if you don’t pay attention. It’s shining light on your finances and being clear on where you stand. It’s also concerned with how you value yourself. For instance, do you have a job that doesn’t see your true potential? Maybe its time to consider a change? You are the queen of the jungle after all. Respect yourself first and the crowd will follow.


This new moon is strongest for you! It’s asking you to take a look at yourself. Both inside and out. How’s your ego? Are you feeling fine? If not then the one you need to take care of is yourself. You’re always caring for others, but you need the attention right now. Self-care, long baths, cleanses, and pedicures are in order! You are on the precipice of a new beginning, so you want to feel good inside and out when it comes.


Something is over and you’re not sad. The new moon says its time to let it go and move on. It will allow you the freedom you need. This moon is clearing the depths of your psychological spaces. You will find magic when you drift and dream. Take some time alone to allow the process. Privacy, solitude, and mindfulness can serve you best at this time.


It’s game on Scorpio! This moon is drawing you out of your depths and asking you to pay attention to social alliances, connections, friends, groups, and teams. They want you to come out and play. What groups do you feel most a part of? Which ones do you need to clear out? You will feel more social than usual. Even if it’s in an eccentric way, just let your freak flag fly and have some fun!


This new moon smells like success. Your career, work, responsibilities, and reputation are all highlighted. And guess what? You’re winning in that area of your life! Don’t forget all the ways that you’ve worked toward this victory. You deserve it, so bask in the limelight a little. Make some space in your calendar to celebrate. It’s your time to shine!


What mountain are you climbing next? This new moon says it has to do with learning a new skill or going to a new place. Whether it’s a cooking class, church, going back to school, or learning a new culture- it’s your calling. You’ll know it at a soul level. It’s what you’re meant to do. So go ahead. Sign up for that class or book that flight. You have all the tools you need to go higher.


This new moon is saying it’s time for a change. Cycles of life, legacies, shared resources, and personal transformation are all themes that are on the table. Use you intellect to go deep, as getting intimate with others and frighteningly honest with yourself will help you find the clarity you seek. A brand new you is on the other side.


Who do you want to hold hands with? This new moon is highlighting your relationships, partnerships, and cooperative projects. Be brave, as the answer will be yes. There is an optimism and joyfulness just waiting to be shared when you are willing to network and put yourself out there. Create boundaries and say no to clear out the the ones that don’t work.

Weekly Astro Weather

And for the rest of the week, here’s our collective day-to-day themes:

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This is the juice my friends! Turn your lemons into lemonade by squeezing the planets before they squeeze you. When you know the energy you can use it your benefit. Let me know how this week shakes out for you- I’d love to hear!

Happy New Moon,


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