The Weekly Juice: Horoscopes for Life, Sept. 18 – 24, 2023

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The Weekly Juice by Jen Barrish

September 18-24, 2023

Autumnal Equinox is this weekend!

Finish cleaning out your closets! Have you felt the need to refine, analyze and organize your spaces lately? This is the week to get it done as the energy is shifting to Libra this weekend. The Autumnal Equinox is coming, and we are integrating the shift from the light to the dark season in the Northern Hemisphere. Or the dark to the light season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Juicy Horoscope Just For You

Wherever you are, find your flow with your horoscope for the week. You can use your Ascendant or Sun Sign to start, but check in with your Mars, Venus or Moon sign – as they may offer additional clues that may be helpful to you.


You have an extra battery pack this week! The first of the week has you focused and thinking long and hard about who & what is near and dear- issues of trust, intimacy, and intense emotion may come up. Midweek the creative juices start flowing and you are ready to take a chance and throw caution to the wind. Your instincts will kick in so don’t worry about the landing. The end of the week brings you the checkered flag you need to rev your motor and speed into pumpkin spice season!


Over the past few weeks, you’ve been thinking about expanding a relationship. There may be new developments in this area -pay attention to what you hear. Be patient as things will ebb and flow. Focus on building your own castles and what you want may just drift in with the tide. The end of the week finds you feeling productive and on target. Structures fall in place, and things are lining up, so if you hit a delay, take a break to stop and smell the flowers.


Thoughts and ideas can get muddled in the energy this week. Sticking to your routines and rituals can help you find the focus you need. Use a sounding board to find your flow, but be careful where venting turns into gossip, as a whistleblower waits in the wings. By the end of the week, you will feel more grounded and ready to learn, grow, and get your thrive on.


Your intuition knows the way, even in the emotional swamps you experience this week. You are an experienced sailor, and the voyage just might be fun, especially when you’re sailing in familiar territory. By the end of the week, you may hit some rough terrain, so find your sea legs through planning, attention to details, and leaning on those who love you.


At the beginning of the week your focus and drive may fall way into bossiness and rigidity. It’s because there’s some ambiguity on the home front. By mid-week things become clear and you will rediscover your playful nature and forgive and forget. The end of the week has you thinking about balancing work and play- you may feel like you’re treading water and getting nowhere. Something will be illuminated that will help you see another side, giving you the keys to grow in ways that bolster your self-image.


Being clear, concise and detailed is your natural strength. And it will serve you well this week. There’s a mystery or hidden circumstance that you will uncover. And you will be able to solve it. In the process something is brought to your attention that you need to change. A redesign of your inner spaces is in order. By the end of the week, you will have a plan in place, and you will have sloughed off that old skin like a chemical peel. The weekend has you feeling satisfied and making to-do lists that create the order you seek.


Audit your accounts, as you may find some generosity or extravagance that you have forgotten about and need to shore up. It will be hard to focus at the first of the week as your social calendar keeps you plenty busy. But by mid-week your scales will find the equilibrium to make bold moves and possibly a bigger plan to keep your finances on track and growing. The end of the week will reveal a more private side of yourself you’ve forgotten. You may look for ways to bring more peace, beauty, and art into your home or office.


You’re used to topics that cut to the bone, but this week you’re delving the depths of your inner plumbing. Have you been deceiving yourself or idealizing a situation? Realities come up to float on the top of your psyche. The tools are there and the insights you gain about your own dexterity is invaluable. You aren’t caught in the undertow because you know how to swim in this mire. By the end of the week when you come up for air you will have found a way to integrate the light and the dark within and speak to it with a newfound wisdom.


This week starts like your stuck in quicksand. Every turn just pulls you in deeper. But the lesson here is patience, for when you grow still, you start to untangle the illusions from reality. What you seek is within. This is excellent news because you are ready for a fresh start, a new plan, and a new you. By the week’s end you will have evolved from a caterpillar to a butterfly, integrated new lessons, and will be ready to set fire to a new adventure.


There is a deception or distortion in your social circles. Gossip, taboos, and betrayals are all on the table. This wakes you up to a new reality and fosters your awareness of both sides of a wicked game. Which side do you want to be on when things go down? Position yourself accordingly. The situation may seem dire but actually offers an opportunity for growth that you didn’t know you needed. You can use this information to rework your own self-image so that you present with your best foot forward in the future.


Are you in a game of tug-of-war at the office? Take a moment to observe the other side as there are lessons to be learned from this interaction. Explain your paranoia to trusted friend as they might be able to see something you can’t right now. What adjustments can you make that will serve both sides? By the end of the week, you will be integrating new information and insulating your neural pathways so you are prepared should something similar arise again.


It may feel like self-doubt is dragging you down, but you are actually experiencing an upgrade. Find a worthy cause to attach to within your sphere and let the sacrifice lift you up. The trick is to help others when you’re feeling blue as this will initiate a purification process that refines your skills and talents. Later you can use your experiences to illuminate the way for others, lighting up your own intuitive magnetism.

Welcome to The Weekly Juice

Knowing the astrological energy forecast is just as important as knowing the weather forecast. You wear a raincoat when it rains right? Don’t you also want to know if sh#t is about to hit the fan before you ask the boss for a raise? Or before you spend your cash or go visit your parents? I use astrology each week to help me prepare for what’s coming and I want to help you too. We can turn our lemons into lemonade if we know what’s coming up. I say put the squeeze on the planets before they put the squeeze on you! And that’s where The Weekly Juice was born.

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