It’s a New Moon Eclipse!

Horoscopes for October 9-15, 2023

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Here’s the Planetary Juice:

The week starts off a little rough after power struggles echo in from the weekend. Venus moved from Leo into Virgo on Sunday, and you may feel a new sense of self-care or a need to change your habits, the way you relate to others, or to organize something. Refinement of routine and relationship are hallmarks of Venus when she’s in Virgo.

By Wednesday, a more optimistic vibe returns, and we feel the anticipation of a fresh start with the new moon coming in on Saturday. This one is accompanied by an Annular Total Solar Eclipse (at 21° Libra). With this total eclipse, the moon is smaller than the sun, creating a halo effect around the moon, also known as the “ring of fire.”

Hinode Observes 2011 Annular Solar Eclipse
Hinode Observes 2011 Annular Solar Eclipse by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

What it means…

This eclipse is near the South Node and signifies a release, ending, or exiting energy. In Libra, relationships of all kinds, finding balance, and equality are highlighted. Themes might include bringing closure to old stories, important decisions being made, contracts and agreements can be finalized. We are letting go of something to make room for something or someone new. Results will be quick!

Now on to the Horoscopes!

Wherever you are, find your flow with your horoscope for the week. You can use your Ascendant or Sun Sign to start, but check in with your Mars, Venus or Moon sign – as they may offer additional clues that may be helpful to you.


Are you feeling frisky, playful and ready for romance? That’s how the week starts out. But by midweek you become a bit more serious, ready to dig in and get the work done. Whether it’s clearing your spaces or enhancing health routines, find a way to whistle while you work. By the new moon your focus will move to important relationships. You are evaluating what’s working (or not) and how you can shift things in your favor.  


This week the family comes into focus. Whether its parents, children, friends or fur babies – the care and keeping of loved ones is on your mind. Try not to come across as too fixed or rigid, and go with the flow (i.e., listen) as much as you can. By the end of the week, you will find a rhythm that works for everyone in your circle, and you just may get the results you were looking for all along.


You are in the zone this week, able to speak your truth and others are listening. Take full advantage of the audience! You are ready to redecorate or change up your home space at the first of the week. Whether that’s cleaning, clearing, or putting some pumpkins in your entryway, you’ve got the look everyone wants! By Friday its time to play and you are ready for some fun. Visiting a haunted house or watching a spooky movie with a sweetie may be just the thing to entice a little romance into your life.


You’ve got money and resources on your mind. Planning for the future and storing up your acorns for the winter looms large. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been a little carefree, you’re allowed to have a holiday from worrying about everyone else’s needs. In regard to that though, by the end of the week you are perceiving new undercurrents from those nearest and dearest. Try not to worry, you can find the balance. Just tap into your intuition, you will know what to do.


You start the week footloose and fancy free, and possibly thinking about changing up your look. But what will it cost? Consider your finances before making any drastic expenditures. The new moon could bring an unexpected car or electronic expense so plan accordingly. Staying close to home, both in body and pocketbook will keep you prepared for the unknown.


Whatever you’ve been worrying about, it’s time to let it go. Venus has moved into your home sign and it’s time to seek pleasure and enjoy the bounty of your hard work. You are enough and you need to look in the mirror and tell yourself that every day! You have done a good job of planning and saving and now it’s time to take a day trip or have a short jaunt. For example, going to the orchard to buy a bushel of apples may seem like an expenditure, but knowing all the ways you can store the apples for the winter season, makes whatever you invest in this week a pleasure that will keep on giving for a long time to come.


Are you feeling like the spotlight is on you? That’s because it’s your birthday month! Don’t get in your head too much or feel embarrassed by the attention you’ve been receiving. You deserve it! You light up the room right now so its ok to strut your stuff! Get a new do or buy a new outfit – treat yourself to a birthday wish- just make sure you won’t regret it when you get the credit card statement next month.


Your public persona and work image is on your mind right now. You may receive some feedback from someone in your circle that makes you see things more clearly. Maybe there are some changes you need to make or unsavory friends or habits that you need to let go of. Take time to consider your options before acting, this is an internal time, and you may need to keep the cat in the bag for a while longer. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer right now.


Did you sign up for another online course or weekend trip? Don’t beat yourself up, you love an adventure and this one was too good to pass up! Whatever you’re planning, it’s only going to help your long-term goals and plans so savor it. By the full moon you will be focused on your friends, groups, and networks. You will find the support you need in these circles to take positive actions toward your dreams.


At the beginning of the week, you may feel some pushback. Is it because there’s opposition or are you just feeling sensitive to criticism? Expand your horizon midweek by planning a trip or making some goals for the new year. You are making bold moves at work that get noticed by week’s end. Let go of something in the workplace you don’t need any more and it will help you find your equilibrium.


Someone’s feathers are ruffled and you’re not sure why. Avoid the drama if possible. By mid-week you may learn a detail that you hadn’t considered, but it will help you see the bigger picture. You may be feeling like you need to make a change – look at where you could get rid of some clutter (closets, pantries, junk drawers) and what changes you can make to your health, wellness, and fitness routines. You may learn something new that will inspire your future goals.


Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately or working too much? You’ve been burning both ends of the candle and now it’s time for some self-care. That may be as simple as creating some boundaries around your time. Call in a trusted confidant to help you build a new health routine, vitamin regimen, or exercise plan. You must apply the oxygen mask to yourself first before you help everyone else. Finding a balance between other’s expectations and your needs is a must at this time.

Other things to consider

Another thing happening this week- Pluto turns direct on Wednesday. This may not mean much in the day-to-day but in the bigger picture its important! Pluto is in charge of where fear, control issues, and evolution/restructuring happens in your life. We are at the tail end of Capricorn. So we are wrapping old stories that have to do with hierarchy, patriarchy, heritage, lineage, and ancestral beliefs. This wrap up will continue through the new year.

Pluto moves into Aquarius in January and there’s a big shift that happens there. You will see more AI presence, new inventions, continued fight for equality, virtual experiences, and community-minded action. In your own life you may notice a lift (Aquarius is an air sign) into more cerebral and intellectual pursuits. You may be ready to join into community spaces and causes. You may have a genius idea that takes off!

I will talk more about this later – I just wanted to give you a little heads up on what’s coming. The energy is changing in January, so get your ducks in a row now.

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Wishing you a wonderful week!

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