Your Magical Life HoroScopes for Eclipse Week, Oct 23-29, 2023

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Horoscopes by Jen Barrish, Magical Life Astrology

October 23-29, 2023

Weekly Summary

This week begins with the sun’s entry into Scorpio, and the energy takes an internal shift. You were just having light-hearted fun at the proverbial pumpkin patch last week, and now you’re contemplating loyalties, secret feelings, and plunging into the depths of an emotional swamp fueled by desire, drive, and hidden agendas.

You are lucky as one of the best days of the month comes on Tuesday when the Sun and Saturn come together in a supportive way. You will find yourself focused, productive, and able to concentrate! You may have some epiphanies around your goals so be sure to take notes and make a plan when inspiration strikes!

The energy is building at the end of the week as we have a Full Moon with a North Node Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus on Saturday afternoon at 4:23pm edt. This energy will be tense, edgy, and emotional. It may feel like you’re being pulled apart or that something has got to give. Stand your ground but try to avoid conflict as bridges can be burnt that you may think better of next week. The eclipse energy is a little like the movie “Fight Club” – it’s an internal battle more than an external battle. So when things get rough, lean into self-care, soothing experiences, get outside in nature, and find calming spaces where you can refill your cup. Meeting your own needs can diffuse this energy. This might be a good weekend to just go your own way.

Horoscopes by Sign

Here’s what’s happening for your zodiac sign:

Wherever you are, find your flow with your horoscope for the week. You can use your Ascendant or Sun Sign to start, but check in with your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign – as they may offer additional clues that may be helpful to you.


You have the green light and things pick up the pace for you this week. But first there are a few spaces you must tend to. You may be feeling a little emotional, self-conscious around others, and thinking about how they perceive you. That’s just the start of the week. By Thursday you will be revving your engines and will want to have some fun, go out and play, or have a date night. The full moon eclipse does have you thinking about your finances and spending habits. Have you been a little too indulgent lately? Buttoning up your wallet and saving for the future are the best ways you can stay independent and unconcerned with what others think.


You begin the week chugging along at work but opposition comes in the form of friend groups, teams, or social media besties. They’ve got you thinking about yourself and questioning your place within these alliances. Have you been neglecting yourself?  Had your hair cut or a had pedicure in the last few months? If the answer is no, the full moon eclipse may have you looking in the mirror and seeing where you want to make changes in your physical appearance as your ego is on fleek. You are ready to make changes, start a new fitness routine, get a new look or do things to enhance your Venusian charms. Savor it and enjoy the attention!


Success can come in many forms and you’re seeing wins this week – in your reputation and career. You are leading the charge with some creative new ideas and you have the discipline to see them through. When the work is done, find respite within the holistic community – yoga, meditation, or energy healing are esoteric ways that both intrigue and uplift you. The full moon will reveal something for you that has been hidden. A truth, a mystery, or a secret will have you reflecting on your security, comforts, and basic needs. Something new is coming in that will offer a protective salve to your private life.


Enjoying the scents of fall, apple cider, and making cookies are just some of the ways you’ve been entertaining yourself lately. You will get an extra little push to learn or teach something new and definitely to expand your mind or circle this week. It feels extra navigable right now and as emotions are on the forefront, you can read the group like a psychic virtuoso. You are romanticizing and idealizing your friends who feel like family, to the point you want to draw them into your crab shell. Hosting a small soiree may be just the thing to express how much your peeps mean to you.  


This week has some edginess as someone in your circle is cranky or almost got in trouble with their harsh words. This has you exploring your part in the matter and recognizing your own responsibilities, leadership abilities and thinking about the bigger picture going forward. You might overthink things. By Thursday you will know your role in such matters, so try not to let your thoughts run away with you. Ultimately, if you lead with your heart, you will come out of the eclipse portal with a squeaky clean reputation which is important because new professional and career opportunities are on the horizon.


You’ve had or been party to some sort of communication kerfuffle but it’s time to get down to business. This is a great week for getting focused on what matters and then doing the work. You are called to service in some way mid-week – maybe a friend or loved one needs your help. You are happy to do it but try not to be miffed if you don’t receive the accolades you deserve for your selflessness. The full moon eclipse is bringing in a new opportunity or adventure that you hadn’t seen before, so be on the lookout – your ship is coming in.


Girls just want to have fun. But in the witching season this can mean jump scares, haunted houses, and skeletons coming out of the closet this week. You’re looking at life like it’s a game and you’re ready to play! Be conservative with your cash though, as you could overspend and that might mean cutting back or some OT at work to make ends meet. Gathering your resources come into the forefront. By the weekend you realize you’ve been a little too cavalier and it’s time to bring things into balance and focus on what really matters. Don’t worry though, by being diligent the eclipse will bring you a little gift to spice things up.  


Happy Birthday Scorpio! Your special month is here! You’ve got the structural support you need to make waves this month, in a very good way. Midweek you’ll receive some downloads about how you can secure the things that you desire. Your instinct and intuition is on point. And what you desire is intimacy, mind melds, and raw vulnerability – even if you aren’t brave enough to say it. It’s time to act on one of these desires by the end of the week, so get to work already. The eclipse is focused on a special relationship in your life. Or maybe someone new is showing up. Keep your head up and heart open so you don’t miss it!


You love to fight for the underdog. Did your big mouth get you in trouble recently? It’s time to own it and learn a lesson about self-control in public. You may feel more like a homebody this week, but big ideas are coming in so be sure to write them down when inspiration strikes. You have the support to put plans in place! By the end of the week, you’ll be feeling more energetic and ready to go out and play in the leaves. It is autumn after all. Enjoy being outdoors, carving pumpkins, and all the Halloween fun! The eclipse is bringing in new work and routines so it will be time to get down to business soon enough.


Your social card is full this season and you have several costume changes to make before Halloween is here. Can your cash flow support all your big plans? You may try a cooperative approach, borrowing from your neighbor, carpooling, or getting creative with how you spend your money. Family may offer some support you hadn’t thought of before. Love and romance are on their way to you this weekend and you may not feel ready to be object of affection. Try to take it all in stride and lean into simple pleasures. This Halloween season will be one to remember.


Where are you feeling pushed right now? There are outside forces wreaking havoc at work right now. You may have to get divisive and do a little digging to uncover what is really going on. This might make you feel self-conscious – but you have no choice. Fight for yourself but be smart about it.  Manipulative tactics and keen perception may be part of this week’s menu. Maintain self-control and the full moon will land you back at home in your nest with some new comforts coming in to support you.


You’re trying to stay open minded and think long term but you’re tired, sick, or your energy is a little low. The good news is that the moon is with you this week. Go out and see Luna and think of how she is holding you and supporting you. Because she is. Get some rest, do some self-care, and get lost in a good book or music this week. Let yourself drift. You will find your way when you lean into all the things that feel good to you. The full moon eclipse is bringing a little gift to your doorstep. This could be a new friend or a newfound ability to communicate your feelings and ask for what you need.  

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