Cool New Moon Horoscope And The Week Ahead

November 13-19, 2023

First, A summary of the week…

Early Monday morning, at 4:27am EST is a new moon in Scorpio. At a new moon, the sun and the moon are together in the sky. This is the beginning of a new cycle of the moon and right now, this week, it’s like we’re crawling through the dark and can’t see what’s ahead. Stay calm and keep your cool. This may lead to a renewed resourcefulness and empowerment as we are called to be brave and push forward without knowing all the details. Themes of cleansing, purging, and transforming come with this lunation too. Maybe you’re cleaning out closets or preparing your home for holiday visitors. The energy will support you in getting rid of things you don’t need and to make way for something new.

With the new moon there might be some contradictory information and things could get unpredictable with unexpected events. This will come like a punch in the gut for some, and like a rolling wave for others. The tide is coming in and its volatile. Reality checks and wake up calls may be revealed that show you something you didn’t know before.

Take heart as the middle of the week allows you the opportunity to course correct, to get clear, and to see where support is available through loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. You may feel the need for a little escape, and this is great energy for creative pursuits!

The heat increases toward the end of the week as the Sun aligns with Mars, the planet of aggression and war. This begins a new two-year Mars cycle, so whatever you’re working on this week has the potential to develop into a lasting project. But you have to keep your cool. Heated words and hostility are possible so avoid this and seek other ways to reduce frustrations that could come up.

Neptune, the planet of dreams and downloads is omnipresent and omnipotent this week. Shoot for the stars, as with Mars’ drive and determination starting a new cycle, there really is the potential to push your dreams forward and make real progress toward them.

The weekend brings an Aquarius moon, which gives an opportunity to detach and notice where others are being stubborn and/or resistant to change. If that’s you, take a step back and think about why you feel this way. The energy can help you to analyze the facts and work out another solution. By Sunday, more positive feelings come in and you’ll see ways to make changes that increase your own well-being.

And now, here’s what’s happening for your zodiac sign:

Wherever you are, find your flow with your horoscope this week. You can use your Ascendant or Sun Sign to start, but check in with your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign – as they may offer additional clues that may be helpful to you.


The new moon spotlights issues of passion and intimacy. You may get an exciting win or surprise that you were not expecting! You feel deeply about an issue that needs your attention. Where have things been missing the mark and what preconceived notions do you need to let go of? This week begins a new cycle of letting go and being clear about how you want to move forward with this relationship. Issues of money and shared resources come in to muddy the waters. You can either be energized and ready to tackle the problems or you can overheat your motors and spiral out of control. Have faith in your own capabilities as instinctually you will know what to do.


There are changes in your closest relationships this week. There’s a new development that you may not have anticipated. Upset and hurt feelings could shake things up. The new moon and the upcoming Mars cycle is bringing up issues of personal values, and the use of power and resources within the relationship. Maybe they’re pumping the gas and you’re hitting the breaks. If you get confused, take a break from this situation mid-week and by the weekend you’ll have the support and inspiration you need to make things better. You’re in this for the long haul and this week will set new terms and boundaries that feel supportive.


Your health, routines and work-life balance are up for review under the new moon. Maybe a promotion, new role, or project arrives that you’re curious about. You may not think you have the qualifications, but you do. Slow down and let yourself envision a new path. Escape for a drive if you need to. This is a great time to start a new job, fitness regimen or routine to support better health. Remember you must take care of yourself first before taking care of others. The weekend comes into to stimulate your mind and you’ll be more confident and ready to learn something new.


The new moon brings a childlike wonder and awe to your world. Maybe children or younger siblings figure into the mix. This new moon wants you to have some fun so invest your time in finding ways to tap into your inner child. Play games, do self-care, snuggle, and bake holiday cookies if your heart desires. Creativity comes easy right now so be the light by sharing your uniqueness with those you love. By the weekend you will find a new intimacy and connection that feels like the breakthrough you’ve been seeking.


This week you shine on the home front, with family and in the places where you nest. You may experience ancestral connections or old issues come up again with the family. Things are coming out into the open and unexpected developments prevail. Take a step back and spend the first of the week in creative pursuits. Art, music, and film can be great escapes for you right now. Adjust your routines to allow for downtime and meaningful connections. Avoid roadblocks by digging into the work that feels fortifying. The end of the week finds reconciliation and a new approach that lets you lead like the royalty you are.  


This week has you considering how you learn and grow. Should you trust the data or your own gut instinct? You’ve been developing your own believe system and how to disseminate your truth out of many truths. Information is revealed that send you down a new path. Watch for travel and communication delays. It may be time to check your tires and get an oil change. Also back up your computer and files. Taking preventative steps at the first of the week can keep a productive vibe going and you moving forward quite efficiently for the rest of the week. Optimism, confidence, and new ideas come over the weekend to help you to transform your health routines in ways that nurture your nature.


The new moon brings up issues of money and resources. This leads into your own self valuation and makes you a bit self-conscious. You’ve been in the dark about what to do but shakeups are occurring that improve your self-esteem. You get some new information that connects the dots! Letting go of judgments and expectations will be most fruitful for you, both now and into the future. Security isn’t just resources- it’s also family, supportive relationships, and making memories. The weekend adds a pep in your step, and you’ll be ready to take a little break and go out and have some fun.


The new moon is shining light on your physical body, your habits, and your self-image. This week you are taking a journey inside, but there’s a power surge that may feel a bit uncomfortable. You are motivated and you know it’s past time to make some changes. A new health routine, new look, or changing how your talk to yourself and others is on the menu. Finding someone to talk to that you trust can be therapeutic. You will come out renewed, focused, and with a new zest for life. The end of the week will be chatty, and people-y so try to go with the flow. Take heart now and do self-care as much as you need.  When you feel secure it will allow your future connections to be that much sweeter. 


The new moon is shining a flashlight in your inner spaces to ferret out where you have psychic dirt that needs purging. You’ve got some work to do here now and in the future. Shocking information comes in to create chaos in your mental processes. Never fear though, mid-week you will find the creative escapes you need to clear your mind. Take a drive and/or free up your calendar to find inspiration. Life is multidimensional for you, and you can transcend any perceived barriers by leaning into the magical. Connecting with your spiritual side, meditation, and letting yourself drift a bit will help you come back to center. The weekend gets busier, so it is vital you take time for yourself.


 Instability at home is interrupting your focus and determination. The new moon is forcing your resourcefulness but also giving you some extra juice to power through the problems. Unexpected temper flares and arguments are in the air so steer away from them unless you want to fight the fight. You may feel tired and need to create some space to rest this week. Slowing down can actually strengthen you, and leaning into self-care routines will be key. When you take time to recharge your batteries you are refueling yourself to take your stand in the future. The weekend brings you new reserves to draw from, and possible financial gains or wins. Look for opportunities.


Your belief systems may be coming into question during this moon cycle. You’ve considered all the facts and may just surprise yourself when you change your mind and shift directions. Maybe its educating yourself on politics or religion, or just deciding to take a class that you wouldn’t normally take. You will find the wind in your sails when you make the decision to change and then the speed of things picks up. Your reputation or career gets a positive lift this week too. Optimism and support is all around you and you get the green light to start planning for the future.


Money is flowing in your world. Unexpected expenses or extra income come in this week that have you questioning your passion projects and if they’re supporting your journey. They trigger a need to create boundaries (i.e., a budget) so that you can stay on track financially. You may find support through a colleague who can help you to see the road ahead more clearly. Lean into your intuition and seek out group settings that make you feel loved and appreciated. Service projects can also feel good to you right now so set up some volunteer hours at the local food bank in honor of the upcoming holiday.

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