Thanksgiving Horoscopes, November 20-26

Summary of the Week Ahead

November 20-26, 2023

The season of lights begins both literally and figuratively this week as Thanksgiving and the holiday season kicks off. Christmas decorations are going up and the recipe books are coming out! The Sun and Mars are both shifting into Sagittarius this week, both “lighting up” and “lightening up” the energy. Sagittarius is a fire sign and offers extra energy, optimism, and a positive outlook that everything is going to be ok. A much-needed respite after last week’s energy!

We have a Grand Trine configuration in water signs (between Saturn, Pallas Athena, and Vesta) operational all week long, supporting emotional health, connection and cooperation. Fortunately, this is a flowing and smoothing energy despite reality checks coming in on Thanksgiving Day. Grandma may be extra judgy, guests could be late, or there could be other issues due to Saturn squaring the Sun. Saturn is in Pisces (a water sign) has the potential to bring sadness, old emotions, or memories up that we weren’t expecting.  Saturn also represents boundaries, restrictions, delays, and blocks. It’s where we hit the wall. Having a backup plan and anticipating what could go wrong will help you to stay on course and still have a meaningful holiday gathering. Because there is still great potential for a festivities and merry making with the shift into Sagittarius!

The weekend has a supportive moon in Taurus, bringing in the “yum-yum” factor. Lean into all things yummy, i.e., sensory experiences, good food, nice smells, etc. Saturday is a hectic day, so when you start to feel like you’re on overload, lean into self-care practices that support your nervous system. Long walks, naps, and cookies are on the menu! Make sure to take time to rest and recharge your batteries this weekend as we have a Full Moon coming after midnight on Monday morning, so the energy will be building toward it on Sunday evening.

And here’s whats happening this week for your sign:

Wherever you are, find your flow with your horoscope this week. You can use your Ascendant or Sun Sign to start, but check in with your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign – as they may offer additional clues that may be helpful to you.


You might be feeling all in your head at the start of the week or a little low because things aren’t moving fast enough. Slow down to speed up, give yourself permission to drift, float, and dream at the first of the week. Midweek has you a little self-conscious and wondering if everyone knows your secrets. Cry, purge, and get rid of things that no longer serve you to work with Saturn. Clean your closets and you may find a long-lost item to wear to the festivities and your spirits will be lifted. The weekend has you focused on your finances. Be sure to consider all the options before making an impulsive purchase. Slow and steady is the way to win this week!


Friends who feel like family have been on your mind and you’re checking in and planning get-togethers and time to catch up. Thanksgiving may feel like a lot…too loud or too much and you could be seeking somewhere to retreat for a few moments. Get outdoors if you can! The weekend is going to feel heavenly as the moon retreats into your home sign. Confidence, calm, and peaceful vibes reign. Also getting comfy and cozy with the one you love can be a great way to find connection.


You may find it hard to turn off the “work” switch this week and shift into holiday mode. A call or text from an old friend can help to rekindle a connection and holiday gatherings will be extra fruitful and enjoyable for you this year. If obstacles come up, your flexibility can show the way to others. Your “go with the flow” outlook is contagious, and you’ll find that everyone wants to spend time with you. At first this seems fun, but by the weekend you might be looking for a more private sweet escape like a movie, book, or music. You might feel productive by reworking your routines and finding a creative health regimen to try.


You’re feeling adventurous with your holiday planning; new recipes, decorating, or rearranging your furniture may feel more accessible than ever. The Sagittarius energy on Tuesday says, “go for it” and you will be supported in your endeavors. Work-life may rear its ugly head on turkey day, so check your email as a there might be a looming crisis you have to handle last minute. The weekend brings new technological pursuits. Black Friday sales may bring new purchases in tech, gadgets, or cooking implements to enhance your holiday season.


You may start off the week feeling very passionate and focused on the object of your desire. Now this could be your new holiday outfit, dinner table décor, or newly purchased Christmas tree. You like to sparkle, and the season of lights offers you a grand opportunity! You will be feeling confident and will show up for your family as the star of the show this week. If difficulties come up, your communication skills are on fleek, and you’ll be able to lead everyone to more neutral topics. Recharge your batteries this weekend through focusing on your future goals and hitting roadblocks head on as they come up.


Issues with your closest relationships come up this week and you’ll be thinking about how to refine and redefine these connections. Intimacy and hashing out raw feelings will be the ticket for wholeness this week. The water trine will support your communication aims and each party will be able to get their point across. It may be as simple as redefining routines and responsibilities so housework and other shared chores can be split more evenly. This will make your holiday even more sweet and meaningful. You’ll feel close, connected, and will have learned something new about each other. Taking a short trip over the weekend (where you can talk while you drive) may be a good way to indulge in the sensorial energy.


You’ve been redefining your “look” recently and it is now time to bring it out for Thanksgiving! New hair, nails, or shoes will make you feel confident and festive. Between getting yourself ready and cooking/cleaning/organizing you may feel wiped out before the week is through. But you’re having fun, and you may not notice that you haven’t been taking care of yourself. So be sure to take your vitamins, drink lots of water, and make time for rest as you could catch a cold or feel a little under the weather over the weekend. Intimate connections and shared resources will also be on your mind, and your ability to be fair and find balance among all parties will be valued.


Purging and eliminating will feel like fun this week. Maybe cleaning out closets and pantries, having a facial, or getting rid of old bills and files will light your fire. Saying goodbye to what’s old will make way for what’s new as you’re planning an in-depth review of your daily routines and habits soon. Lean into what feels like work and you’ll “jedi mind trick” the Saturn energy and come out on top. Your closest relationship will be the object of your affection over the weekend. Lean into sensual delights and snuggle up if it feels right. The energy is on your side for intimate connections.


Family is on your mind this week and you’re ready to harness your energy to light it up like a candle! It’s your time to shine and you will. Lean into fun and games; literally cards, checkers, or board games to reconnect with those you’ve not seen in a while. Be a kid, have fun and get creative! The weekend will have you refocusing on your work goals but make time to visit an old friend who shows up, if you can. Rekindling the relationship will build a supportive bridge that you’d forgotten.


You may be chattier and more social than you’re used to as the week kicks off. Follow your intuition, as the energy supports you making new friends right now. You’re also feeling good about ancestral connections, but family drama may come up at Thanksgiving dinner, so use your diplomacy to rise above any challenges. The weekend brings you a chance to let your hair down and just have some fun. This may show up as self-care or hermiting at home, but that’s ok. Snuggle up and grab the remote!


Money is on your mind as you enter the week and you’ve got a budget in mind for all the holiday expenses. You’ve been working hard recently, and you want to save your dough for other pursuits. Smart cookie! You can afford to spend your time though on making connections with others, calling friends, visiting, and meeting for coffee. Family will be on your mind by the weekend and so an impromptu trip to visit the grandma you didn’t see on Thursday may be on the agenda. Or spend time with your immediate family decorating the Christmas tree. It could be a fulfilling way to recharge your batteries.


Take your time, daydream, listen to music and be your creative self as the week starts. The moon is holding your hand and supporting your wishes even if you’re feeling a little sentimental. Let yourself drift in the ways that feel good right now. Mid-week there is a barrier or structure appearing around your money or resources so be mindful of expenditures. By the weekend you will be feeling neighborly and friendly, so getting out of the house to help the neighbors to rake leaves or to put up Christmas lights may feel good. Leaning into your routines and habits (no matter how chaotic) will make you feel on top of your game and productive. Remember slow and steady progress is better than no progress at all.

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